3 Ways To Declutter Your Mind
Friday, 26 June 2020

 Modern society is anxiety-inducing for many of us. Our minds are busy from the constant flow of information and ads on social media, television, and radio. Our homes are full of stuff we have bought to reassure ourselves, nudged by the stream of ads on our social media feeds. All the while, the gentle hum of background noises follow many of us around wherever we go.

 This state of being is tiring. It can seem impossible to remove yourself from this negative feedback loop. But, just as you declutter your house, you can work to declutter your mind, too. 

Here are some tips to help you make day to day life a little more peaceful. 

1) Declutter Physical Space

A tidy home reflects a tidy mind, and vice versa. It can be difficult to concentrate if you have clothes and dishes everywhere. All that stuff packed away in cupboards, closets, and the garage only contributes to the congestion in your head.

How are you supposed to be organized if your physical space isn’t?

Get rid of all those things you bought and feel guilty for never using. Somebody else will use them if you donate them. If you are too busy at work or with the family, or if you are overwhelmed by the task, consider hiring a home cleaning service. Trained cleaning professionals can clean your home to leave it spotless, as your work towards something similar for your mind.

Once you start taking some of these steps, you'll realize that decluttering your space can be a simple therapeutic act.

2) Write Your Thoughts Down in a Journal

In this modern life of ours, our minds are extremely busy. There’s a lot to worry and obsess over, from rising rent costs to an idiot posting a triggering Facebook post. With it all swirling around our heads, it can seem like too much to manage.

Keeping a journal and regularly taking the time to write out all of this is a healthy habit. You encourage yourself to slow down and reflect, unlike what society wants.The act of writing helps many people process emotions and let go of our worries. Putting it down on paper can make it seem more manageable. After a writing session, it feels like certain thoughts have left your head. 

The inner chatter of relationship worries or career concerns can interfere with the things we want to achieve in day to day life. Taking five minutes to write it down helps you recognize the chatter before it interferes too much, so that you can move on with the rest of our day. 

3) Avoid Multitasking and Uni-task

When we have multiple, competing tasks to finish at the same time, or worries to juggle, it is more than tempting to try to tackle them all at once. Don’t. You will do yourself a disservice. 

Multitasking is put on a pedestal as a valuable skill, but it isn’t actually as productive as many realize.
While you try to complete several different things at once, you aren’t directing sufficient energy to any of your goals. Each concern or task will get less than your full focus and, as a result, you’ll struggle to achieve as much as you’d like. Indeed, trying to manage multiple things at once will overwhelm even the best multitaskers. For some, it can lead to paralysis. 

Instead, tackle one thing at a time. By giving each concern your complete focus, you can make sure each task is fully completed before moving onto the next one. If you like to make to-do lists, allow certain things to roll over to tomorrow's duties. You can't do everything in one day. 
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