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30-inch Vessel Sink and Modern Bathroom Design Ideas
Friday, 11 June 2021

In modern bathroom interiors, a 30 inch vessel sink is becoming increasingly popular. It looks like a neat bowl installed on horizontal surfaces of cabinets, countertops, on the windowsill, in a wall niche, etc.

An essential component of the exclusive bathroom, which will become a real decoration of your home interior, is the exquisite Aquatica plumbing — stylish bathtubs and luxury sinks presented on There is no doubt about the ease of use of these products: all vessel sinks presented in the company’s catalog are exclusively thought out in this regard.

Once you see their collection of sanitary ware, it is impossible to confuse these exquisite European crafted interior pieces, equipment, and accessories with others. Its style is clearly traced in every element, detail, nuance, creating a single composition of comfort, elegance, impeccable traditions, and modern technologies.

Integrated Manufacturing Approach

Regardless of a particular line or collection, high-quality 30-inch vessel sinks from Aquatica represent:
  • ergonomics
  • technologies that make it possible to use resources comfortably and economically
  • ease of use and functionality
  • smooth lines and aesthetics of appearance

These modern and reliable vessel sinks are luxurious from the very beginning of their creation: sketches are worked out to the smallest details, design amazes with its originality and novelty, and only the highest quality materials are used (AquateX™ matte stone composite material and NeroX™ with NanoGuard™ antigraffiti and antimicrobial protection).

The color scheme, non-triviality, and exclusivity of the 30-inch vessel sink decor perfectly complement the various shades (over 200 colors from the RAL color chart), making up an organic complete composition of style and harmony.
Special compositions of structures, durable and effective processing allow you to use and care for such sanitary ware without any problems. Aquatica’s 30-inch vessel sinks are not afraid of modern cleaning agents or time; they will not change their color and texture or crack.
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