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5 Finishing Touches for Your New Backyard
Thursday, 25 March 2021

Moving to a new home is exciting, but one of the greatest joys is being able to put your own stamp on not only the inside of the property but also the outside space. Of course, no home or yard is ever really finished as there is always more that can be done and maintenance to keep on top of. Designing a living space is all about finding the right balance without overdoing it, so it is important to know which finishing touches will have the best impact. If you have been landscaping your backyard and are coming to the end of the project, here are five finishing touches that could make all the difference.

1. Fencing

One of the most effective ways to finish an outside space is to frame it with attractive fencing. This will add not only the definition but also color and privacy. There are numerous fencing options to consider, so be sure to contact professional fence companies Belleville Il to get the best solution for your space.

2. Grow fruit and/or vegetables

In addition to flowers, shrubs, and a lawn, consider growing your own fruit and vegetables. Some people assume that doing would be difficult or time-consuming, but there are lots of fruit and vegetable plants that are easy to grow. This gives you a reliable source of homegrown food and, if you have a greenhouse, you can continue to grow them even in the bad weather. Click here for the easiest fruit and vegetables to grow at home.

3. Create a seating area

To make the most of your backyard, invest in some comfortable seating and shelter where you can relax and entertain at any time of year. In the summer, you hang a hammock and use it as a shelter from the sun, while in the winter, you can take refuge from the wind and the rain. If you also incorporate a fire pit where you can roast marshmallows and bask in the warm glow of the fire on cold evenings. You could also add in some cozy blankets and pillows, as long as you remember to store them when the weather is wet.

4. Choose quirky flowerpots

There is nothing wrong with terracotta flowerpots, but there are more creative ways to display flowers and plants. For example, old metal watering cans, tins, jam jars, or hand-painted pots can add personality and interest to a garden. You can display them on the ground or hang them from hooks or tree branches so that flowers are not restricted to the ground.

5. Install lighting

You should be able to enjoy your garden at any time of the day or night. Some of the most beautiful times in nature are at sunset or sunrise, including a lot of wildlife activity. To make your backyard accessible, why not add in some lighting? Fairy lights and lanterns are popular choices as they can transform just about any yard into a magical grotto.
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