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5 Tips to Turn Your Old Kitchen into a TV Show Kitchen
Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Are you growing tired of your current kitchen? If it is dated and years past its best, now could be the ideal time to revitalize this space in your home. Well, instead of going for a standard redesign, why not follow the lead of one of your favorite TV shows?

Whether it is Friends or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, there are many different TV shows you can take inspiration from when it comes to your kitchen. With that said, the kitchen is one of the more daunting rooms to tackle when it comes to a redesign project.

From appliances to cabinets, there are various aspects to take into consideration. Yet when you consider the kitchen as the central point of the home, the room must be at its best in terms of design and functionality.

Are you ready to bring this room back to life while also being motivated by a TV show? Here are five ideas to consider when you are upgrading your kitchen.

1. Find the right kitchen example to follow

The first step is finding the kitchen – or kitchens – you'll take inspiration from the redesign. Will you go for a more retro look like Don and Betty's kitchen in Mad Men? Perhaps you have seen a stunning, contemporary design on a current reality show?
Once you have found some ideas to follow, you will have a greater idea of what to do with your kitchen.

2. Change up the layout

If the room is missing out on a kitchen island like the Fresh Prince due to an awkward layout, don't be scared to change it up. Simply shifting around appliances and altering your cabinets' configuration can open up more space than you thought was possible.
There is one potential issue with this, however: the plumbing. It is known to be difficult to move around the kitchen sink because of the plumbing configuration. If you feel it is necessary to move the sink to stay authentic to a certain TV kitchen, make sure you enlist a reputable local plumber to do the job.

3. A fresh lick of paint

One of the effective ways to start replicating your favorite TV kitchen is with a new paint job. A splash of color can instantly add a new feel and dimension to the room, from the walls to the cabinets.
The good news is you won't have to mess around by following the lead of a different kitchen, trying to find the right color combinations.

4. New appliances

In some cases, you won't necessarily have to change your appliances. Yet if your oven or refrigerator is looking a little worse for wear, it's going to look out of place in a fresh and completely redesigned kitchen.
Plus, if you're following a specific TV kitchen design to a tee, you will need to try and find appliances that at least look similar in style.

5. Light up

Considering TV shows often don't utilize traditional lighting sources, this is one area where you may have to take the lead on your own.
A change in lighting can do a lot to alter the atmosphere of your kitchen and tie everything together. This can be as simple as going with a new lampshade. You could also go with an entirely new installation, such as lighting under the kitchen cabinets to give it a cool glow.
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