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5 Ways to Expand Your Living Space
Monday, 15 February 2021

If your property is on the small side, you might be struggling with limited bedrooms, poor storage, and a cramped atmosphere.

If your kids would benefit from having their own bedroom or you would like more freedom to move throughout the home, you must aim to increase your property’s square footage.

For inspiration on how to do so, read the below five ways to expand your living space.

1. Convert a Loft

Do you have a loft that is gathering dust? Don’t allow the square footage to go to waste and invest in a loft conversion.
It will allow you to create additional living areas in your home, such as bedrooms, a games room, or an office where you can finally put all of you home office furniture.
It cannot only transform your quality of life within the home, but the extra space can add value to your property. However, you must hire a reputable loft conversion company, such as Touchstone Lofts.

2. Extend Your Property

A property extension is ideal for homeowners who are struggling with a small kitchen or living room, as they can expand on an area of the home.
Alternatively, the additional space could help you to create a sought-after dining room.
An extension will provide your family with more freedom to move and, similar to a loft conversion, it can be a more affordable alternative to buying a bigger property.

3. Add an Outhouse

If you love your home but are struggling with limited space, moving properties should be a last resort, as there are many ways to expand your space.
One option worth your consideration is an outhouse, which is a small, separate structure from your home, and it is ideal if you have a large backyard.
An outhouse can serve different purposes, as you could turn it into a home office, gym, playroom, guest bedroom, cinema room, and more.

4. Introduce Storage Solutions

If you have limited space to store your possessions and are restricted on floor space, you may need to introduce various storage solutions into different rooms across the home. For example, if your bedroom is small and cramped, you could invest in multipurpose furniture, such as a bed with drawers or an ottoman storage bench.
Other clever storage solutions to consider include:
  • Under stairs storage units
  • A media storage system
  • A pull-out bed
  • Wall-mounted cabinets, toilets, sinks, etc.
  • A bicycle shelf
  • Pegboards
The above options could provide you with more floor space, which could make you feel happier in your home and proud of your interior.

5. Make Better Use of Your Existing Rooms

Your lack of floor space could be due to your interior design choices and not the size of your property. For example, if a large corner sofa looks bulky in your living room and offers limited freedom to move, consider buying a smaller design to transform your interior.
Other options could include switching from a super-king to a king-size or double bed or buying a smaller dining table with fewer chairs. A few tweaks to your interior could improve the look and feel of your home.
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