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Blending A Shed Into Your Background D?ęcor
Thursday, 02 September 2021

Sheds can be wonderful addition to your backyard. But not everyone wants these sheds to attract attention in their yard, especially if they already have a perfect décor behind their house. The most important thing is for the shed to compliment and blend in with the décor instead of standing out.

This article walks you through creative ways to blend your shed with your backyard aesthetics. We cover everything from natural camouflage to location, so you'll seamlessly grasp ideas and tips on integrating the shed with minimal effort.

Strategic Placement

There are a few reasons why you need to be conscious of shed placement. Placing the shed too far may draw a curious eye to it. If it's too centered, it will look like you planned your garden around the shed.
Strategic shed placement also ensures that you don't break the fundamental balance rule in your garden design. For instance, placing it beside another attractive feature, such as a coy pond, would make the backyard look strange and lopsided.
The logistic component in placing your shed is the availability of a solid and level base. You don’t want to place the shed under trees with branches that could fall over or roots that threaten the base’s integrity.
The best trick for these design challenges is to create an artwork of the shed and place it within the backyard to get an idea of what it will look like.

Choose The Right Color

Your color of choice is vital here. You can paint neutral earth tone colors on wooden or steel sheds. Choosing a blending color will prevent any color contrast that is likely to distract the eye from the beauty of your backyard’s vegetable garden or flowers.
Choose sheds with neutral tones that highlight your backyard's aesthetics. For instance, painting your shed with a gull grey will highlight the purple sage or lavender in your garden. If your backyard has plenty of white flowers like lilies and roses, you can use iron grey, mountain blue, or Caulfield green colors for a gorgeous display.
With the variety of shed colors that you can use for your backyard, you only need to look and think of the best color to set the stage.

Match The Accents

You can take the focus away from your shed by using the already established accents to make it look like an extension. You can do this by using your home's accents, such as the patio or the material from the fence, to cover your shed. You can also tack the shed alongside your house to create a sense of attachment and natural separation between the shed and the backyard.
It's your creativity that should rule the day on how to make your shed blend with your backyard. The color you choose determines whether your shed blends well with the backyard aesthetics. Also, the positioning of your shed in the yard should be considerate of the garden design and potential damage from plants and weather elements. Incorporate the suggestions provided in this article and make them your own by coming up with additional solutions that would best work for your space.
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