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Different Types of Roofs and Its Maintenance
Thursday, 22 April 2021

Roofing services provide the quickest solution to sudden damage caused to the most important part of a building, the roof. Whether it is a business place, a home, or a factory, a roof ensures that the natural elements stay out and warmth and safety stay in.

There can be several types of roofs depending on the housing structure. More than visual aesthetics, roofing constructors focus on utility, local weather conditions, and the lifetime and strength required. Continue reading this article to find out different types of the roofing structure.
Roof maintenance

Gable roof: It is the easiest roof to construct, having two sloping sides with a triangular shape ("gable"). It facilitates ventilation, sheds water and snow to a great extent, and can be constructed on most types of houses with ease.

Dutch roof: It is a combination of the above two types--a hip roof with small gables on either side. A hip roof is designed for high wind areas and has four sides. They do not provide much ventilation and are difficult to construct.
Flat roof & Shed roof: Flat roof is considered one of the most basic designs with a minimal slope allowing water to drain off. Similar in structure with flat roof, a shed roof has more pitch. A shed roof is usually known for its durability.
Mansard roof: This French design is one of the most difficult types of construction. Two slopes within one on both sides is a defining characteristic of a true Mansard. A steeply sloping bottom part results in minimal pitch in the roof. This creates room on the inside and results in additional headspace for living or storage purposes. An expert roofer can restore damages to such a roof while preserving the architectural design and original look.
Butterfly roof & Gambrel roof: The butterfly roof is a fairly modern design with exquisite lighting and ventilation properties, but it falls short in terms of safety and drainage. The gambrel roof is also known as the ‘barn roof’, these provide additional space to stay or store items in the attic.
Others: There are various other less common options, such as Dormer roofs or M-shaped roofs. No matter what type, the material used plays an equally significant role-- natural slate or EPDM will provide the best aesthetic and technical benefits. Not only that, they are the easiest to repair in terms of effort and money.
Maintaining a roof is as important as building one. Hire a well-known roofing service for the upkeep of the roof. Based on geographical locations, roofing structure and maintenance of the same may change. For example, in Seattle, asphalt shingles are the most popular residential roofing material. Most people will agree that it is the most economical option and installation is easy and hassle-free.
Experienced and certified roofers contractors in Seattle provide speedy service that is unparalleled. No two repair or remodeling works are equal, and every roofer carefully inspects, analyses, and then repairs or replaces the roof.
• An experienced roofer will use fiberglass, cellulose (organic material), or other appropriate material, to reinforce your roof if needed. This will ensure that you are protected from future damages, and from repeatedly hiring a roofing service.
For superior service and professional installation, contact your nearest roofing service without delay. Get the additional benefit of warranties at no hidden costs or conditions. Their attention to detail and.
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