Do I Need to Acquire a Permit for Installing Roof Windows?
Thursday, 26 November 2020

Roof windows have now become the new cool in the designing world. From bringing in more light to painting a room more spacious, they have all the benefits that interior designers can think of. Of course, they have their own requirements to be installed. This means you need to do your homework.

The main question before getting on with the whole instalment plan is if you need a permit to have a Velux roof window.

So here’s the thing, you might need a permit from the planning portal. It is a government-run platform that enables you to control the building procedure and also, contains all the necessary information for building and planning regulations. So they are responsible for qualifying your home for having roof windows if certain conditions are met.

This portal is updated every week to keep everyone in the loop of the latest construction trends and also offers significant help to people who have absolutely no construction background.

Inserting roof windows in your home

Generally, you don’t need to apply for permission if your home complies with the following main conditions.
  • The installed roof windows should not protrude more than 150mm above your existing roof surface. Otherwise, you’ll have to apply for the permit.
  • You simply cannot make any alteration that goes higher than the roof’s most elevated part or alteration that stands above the ridge of your roof.
  • In case of side-facing windows, obscure glazing is recommended to ensure security and should be openable only if it is more than 1.7m above your floor level.

Loft conversions

Another brilliant way to incorporate that extra light into your otherwise grim and gloomy space is by converting your loft into a bright sitting place. It amplifies your home’s ambience and gives you a breathing place to sit and wind down.
It might be expensive for some people, but definitely worth it. Once you’ve turned your loft into a warmly lit place, you wouldn’t want to come out of there. You don’t specifically need a planning permit for a loft conversion as long as you don’t exceed specific conditions.
The requirements and condition limits for each home are specific according to its type – detached, semi-detached, or terraced.
In simpler terms, you need to do a thorough research to come to the point of intersection with your choice and the required limits. This will help you have a stress-free window installation experience. Moreover, you can design your space with the help of the experts to have the best results.
Having a roof window is a wise choice if you aim to make your room look spacious. They have taken over the market by storm for their ability to turn a dull place into a warmer one. So you simply cannot overlook the style and ambience they bring for your home. It means following the proper procedure can help you fulfil your dream of having a light-filled, natural, breathing space.
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