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Wednesday, 06 January 2021

Winter is not going to stay for long. It is here for a few months, but those who live in the majorly cold region would most likely to have their home winterized forever. If you have started to swap your beach towels with the winter coats, some major preparation is required at your home.

But what if you are planning to buy a new house? Do they come with the winterized equipment? Or you have to ask the realtors for instating one? Especially in some parts of Canada, extreme temperature drops can result in the rise of heating bills. How do you cope up with them?
If you have not winterized your home yet or have not asked your realtor to do one, then make sure to make things fast. If you are looking for some hand tips let this article be the quick guide.
Stay warm and happy in the homes, no matter whether it is new or old. To know how to add a difference to your home in this chilly winter weather mission realtor Manny Deol is sharing some effective tips. Simply use them as mentioned below to winterize your homes better.

Using the Window Seals

For those who have old or worn-out windows and most precisely have those old historic homes or planning to buy one, having the window insulation kit is a great idea. It is an additional layer of protection. The kit to insulate your window comes with double tape and lots of plastic that help to create an air-tight seal.
Don’t feel that you would not get a clear view from the window after the insulation. This extra layer is going to act as your second mirror. For extra protection, you can use some bubble wrap before installing the insulation kit. Find some amazing ideas to keep your home cozy during winter here:

Look for the Basics

The winter season is hard on the people in Canada. For years buyers who come to realtors especially during the winter season to buy a good home - just not look for the best of the winter but also take advantage of the cozy knits when indoors.
So before running to your thermostats or try dressing the warm layers in the first place or add piles of blankets in your living rooms or bedrooms. In case, if you are still shivering, invest in something called the smart-automated thermostat.
One can program these thermostats according to the time when people are at home and save energy when there are no people at home. Along with it buy a humidifier that blows out all warm air. The humidifier helps to dry sinuses whereas the warm mist encounters all the lingering drafts. Read here about the best thermostat options for your house.

InvestiIn Some Interior Furnishings

If some draft is still left to escape through the window-proofing it is better to put some thick rugs and drapes from the interior.
Adding the rugs to a very small space almost affixes a layer of insulation above the floor. The light curtains are perfect for the cool summer weather. Swapping it with some heavy drapes is the best option for the chilled winter weather.
Sturdier winter curtains are the best option to keep your room warm along with the thermostats. To add some more details to the furnishings you can pick these curtain design ideas and winterize your home.

A Fireplace is a Must, But It Can be Your Enemy Too

The fireplace is no doubt the greatest source of warmth in the winter season. However, it is also the place where the winter ice can cut you through. Make sure the flue of the fireplace is always staying closed.
Consider the use of glass doors. It can act as a check to keep away the cold from spreading across the house. If you are not going to use the fireplace regularly consider buying the chimney pillows. The pillows are nothing but inflatable plastic pouches that restricts the warm air from escaping and blocks the cold air from invading.
Click here to know the best ways to seal your fireplaces in the winter season and save money on your energy bills.

Closing the Drafts of Your Air Conditioning Units

If your house is having a few wall air-conditioning units, then seal those units just like you do with the windows. Buy cover for those units, but also wrap plastics around them with double-sided tapes that come with your window insulation kit.
Yet, even if you cover the unit it would not create an airtight seal which would restrict the small drafts still left to allow entry or escape of heat. So use the double-sided tape for stronger protection.

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to winterize your home - new or old? Talk to a realtor and get the best out of it. You can follow these quick tips in the meanwhile to suggest your realtor and get a warm home reinstated any time.
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