How To Boost Curb Appeal And Sell Your House
Thursday, 04 February 2021

First impressions are everything. Whether you’re heading to a job interview, on a blind date, or trying to sell your home, these first moments are often the most important.

So, if you want to make sure potential buyers are drawn in by your home, adding curb appeal can make a massive difference and make them interested in your property, even before they walk through the door.

What is curb appeal?

Curb appeal is all about how the house looks on the outside. Your home might be beautiful inside, but if the outside looks like it’s been neglected, buyers will quickly move on without even knocking.

Making the exterior look and feel desirable is often something people overlook. Have you ever looked at properties online and fallen in love with each room, only to find the outside looks, well, less than ideal...? That feeling is why curb appeal is so important.

How to add curb appeal

Curb appeal doesn’t necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg; it’s actually quite an affordable way to boost your chances of a sale. Below, we’re outlining a few ways you can improve the outside of your home for open houses, photos, and sales.
First, do a quick search of ‘real estate agents near me’ to see how other properties in your area are presenting themselves online. If you notice a huge difference between yours and theirs, it’s time to get to work.

Pressure washing

Before making any rash decisions, pressure-washing paving stones, driveways, and even the brickwork will show you what you’re really working with. Pollution can significantly impact the color of brickwork and using the driveway every day can lead to oil stains and dirt building up.
Using a pressure washer will brighten the overall aesthetic of the outside – and you might find that’s all you needed to boost curb appeal! Sometimes, a good wash can totally transform the exterior and make you feel like your home is brand new again.

Add a pop of color

If there’s one trend that pops up all over the internet, it’s a brightly colored door. If you want to add some serious curb appeal to the front of your house, opting for a bright door will do just the trick. Pastel pinks and mint greens offer a beautifully fresh and inviting feel, while red or glossy black will give the home a luxurious yet traditional feel.

Install lighting

Whether you have a small path to the front door or just have a dark porchway, installing lighting to the front of the house will make it inviting at any time of day.

Invest in greenery

A few potted plants or shrubs will perfectly frame your newly pampered home and add a summery feel no matter what time of year it is.
It’s this level of detail that can make a huge difference to a buyer’s first impression of your home. The outside is the first thing they’ll see, so why not put as much effort into it as you would all the other areas of the house? You never know, your house might catch the attention of other locals, and the whole street will be filled with flowers, pink doors, and lit porches in no time, boosting the reputation of the entire area.
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