Ideas for Creating a Cozy and Inspirational Study Room
Friday, 20 November 2020

With the world having been turned upside down this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been rethinking their jobs and how they spend their time. Due to all the extra time at home, you may also have been considering how to make your house a more pleasant place to be. So, if you’re working or studying from home at the moment, or even if you’re just spending more time reading, the idea of having a dedicated study space might appeal to you. If so, here are some ideas for how you can make it both cozy and inspirational. Be careful though, because you may never want to leave!

Make it a comfortable environment

Perhaps the most important thing is to make your study room a comfortable place to spend time in. This could be done by adding a soft armchair to curl up in as you read, or a couch covered in cushions and a blanket where you can stretch out for ultimate comfort. Temperature is another thing to consider, because if it’s too hot or too cold you’ll likely struggle to concentrate. Consider getting a standing fan or an air conditioning unit for the summer, and check out a company such as for ideas on heating the space in winter.

Bring in books

Nothing tells people – and your own brain – that a room is a study space better than books do. If you have a great collection of paperbacks and hardbacks, line a wall or two with bookshelves to show them proudly. Alternatively, if you’re more of a fan of digital books and only have a few physical ones, you could set up an eye-catching display just for them. You could also choose some book-related prints, quotes or images to put up on the wall to highlight your love of the written word and keep you motivated.

Add an element of travel

Another popular theme for a study room is travel, even if we can’t do much of it right now. Think maps, compasses and even a globe for decoration, alongside framed photos of your own previous trips or places that you would like to go next. Mountains, beaches, oceans and forests all make for beautiful images on canvas. This is a great way to inspire you as you work or study, plus satiate a little of that wanderlust!

Set up the perfect desk

This is particularly relevant if you’re working or completing a program of study from home, and will be spending a lot of time at your desk. It’s important to have the perfect space set up so that you don’t suffer from back pain or other health issues. Consider investing in a standing desk and/or an ergonomic chair to help you maintain good posture. You should also have good lighting to prevent eye strain. If you like to listen to music as you work, noise cancelling headphones can be ideal for blocking out distractions.
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