Ways to Make Your Small Bedroom Seem Bigger
Tuesday, 02 March 2021

Does your room make you feel claustrophobic? Does it feel cluttered with no space for your possessions? You are not alone. Some people might think of small bedrooms as cozy, others think of them as cramped and uncomfortable.

There are several ways to make your tiny bedrooms seem bigger, ways to make your cramped bedrooms appear more spacious. The key is taking advantage of all the space available and making judicious use of it. Use these tips to make your bedroom appear bigger and find space that you thought didn’t exist.

Exploit Vertical Space

For smaller rooms, making the most of available vertical space is key. If it is possible, consider maximizing your floor-to-ceiling space by adding built-in closets or bookshelves.

Use Furniture with Legs

When there is space between the furniture and the floor, the room has an airy and open appearance.

Avoid Clutter

Too much furniture or possessions in your room will give it a stuffed, overcrowded feel. The less clutter you have, the more space your room has. Only necessary furniture should be allowed in the room.

Keep Furniture in Scale

When furnishing your room, bear in mind the room's dimensions. While it doesn't necessarily mean that you should get a tiny future for small rooms, all furniture should complement each other in size.

Paint the Room with Light or Soft Colors

Painting your bedroom in light colors make your room appear larger. This is because the light or soft colors reflect light to give you a brighter and roomier appearance. Your walls, furniture, and room décor should be painted in white or other soft colors.

Paint the Wall Trims Lighter Than the Actual Walls

Painting the wall trims in a lighter color than the actual wall helps in two ways. The first is it tricks the mind into believing that the room has more width or depth than it has. The other is with lighter colors, there are more light and more spacious appearance.

Translucent Furniture Could Be of Great Help

See-through furniture like chairs or tables gives your room the appearance of space. It usually takes the brain a longer than usual time to process these pieces of translucent furniture for what they are.

Get A Bed with In-Built Storage

One of the many ways to maximize room space is by getting a bed with storage space. Incorporating shelves or cupboards with your bed frees up available space, making seem the room larger.

Hang a Chandelier

A chandelier is a source of illumination, and the brighter in the room is the better. Hanging a chandelier in your bedroom gives off a sense of warmth, illumination. It also jazzes up the place and calls attention to the room’s height instead of width.

Use the Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is simple, divide your room wall into three equal parts. Wall décor like paintings should have in the lower third of the wall. Shelves, cupboards, and other storage should be on the upper third of the wall.
This gives the room a sense of height and width.

Daybeds Save Space

Daybeds are wonderful space savers for tiny rooms. Apart from their dual purpose, acting as a couch during the day and bed at night, they also do not take up a lot of space. They also have an advantage on pull-out couches because all you need to turn it into a bed is to remove the back cushions.
Daybeds also usually have storage space underneath making them a gift that keeps on giving for owners of small bedrooms.

Bi-Fold Doors Are a Wonderful Addition

Bi-fold doors or folding doors are a great way to expand your room. Their classy and beautiful designs not only open up your bedroom but also connect it to other parts of the house. One good thing about folding doors is they allow light to pass through, brightening up the room while keeping smell and sound out.
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Sconces Instead Bedside Lamps

Sconces are wall lamps, installing just above your bed instead of bedside lamps turn your attention upwards giving the room a larger feel. If you need illumination for nighttime reading, get adjustable. They work perfectly.

Use Window Shades

Allowing natural light filters through your bedroom with the help of thin window shades is also a good idea. Even though it will reduce the brightness of the room, compared to not using window shades.

Create Magic with Mirrored Closets

Having closets with mirrors is a very ingenious way to create the illusion of space in your room. Think of a house of mirrors but on a much smaller scale, you never get the right sense of dimensions of a room with mirrors.
Here is how you can go about it, dedicate one side of the wall for the closet. A shallow wall-to-wall closet will do, so it doesn’t take up too much space defeating the purpose of the task. Add ceiling to floor mirrors to the closet doors, these mirrors reflect light around the room making it brighter.
It also gives the illusion that you have almost double the actual space available in the room.


Making your bedroom appear bigger than it is, does not have to be a complicated and expensive process. Employing these tips will give your room the bright, open, and relaxing room you have always craved.
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