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What Is the Average Lifespan of a Residential Air Conditioner?
Thursday, 18 March 2021

You cannot ignore a replacement when your AC is completely exhausted. People often complain that Residential Air Conditioner don't survive more than ten years.

But we should also keep in mind that the "Average Lifespan of a Residential Air Conditioner" is about 15-20 years, the US Department of Energy says. Depending on the design, model, built quality, and care during its life, the unit may push up to 20 years.
However, multiple factors that can reduce the lifetime of a cooling system are discussed further in this article so that you can improve the lifespan of Residential Heating and Air Conditioning in Santa Rosa.
Residential Air Conditioner

When To Replace An Old AC?

You can go for a replacement when your Air Conditioner behaves in the following ways.
?? When its airflow seems slow, and it commonly happens when debris gets stuck in the AC vents or the compressor fails.
?? There is no cool air due to low refrigerant levels or not working the compressor.
?? Hot airflow is not common. It occurs when the compressor breaks down or when the unit is leaking refrigerant.
?? When you feel a foul smell, you should speak to HVAC professionals. Burned-out wire usually produces a strong, pungent odor from your air conditioner.
?? Noticing any strange noise like squealing, grating, or rubbing sound comes from the AC due to some damage inside.
?? Receiving high electricity bills because of an older air conditioning system shows that your AC is pulling more energy, and it is a telltale sign for replacement.

What Factors Can Reduce The Lifespan Of An AC?

Various causes can decrease the life of an air conditioning system, which are below-listed. You should have your eyes and take precautions from impacting for these reasons.

Cheap Quality and Improper Installation

No doubt, better quality air conditioners are capable of working more efficiently. While checking out a heating and cooling system, the buyer should ensure that modern and advanced technology is being used in that particular unit. Sometimes, a high-end AC can even fail to provide good services when it doesn't install properly. To ensure an enduring installation of the air conditioning system, you must look for an HVAC Professional. Otherwise, a small technical fault can decrease the life of your AC.

Working Environment

The operating environment of the system is another point that plays a big role in lifespan. Extended exposure to debris and harsh climate can decrease the productivity of the air conditioning system. An outside air conditioning may get obstructed easily, which overpowers it to work harder to keep the home cool. The harder it runs, there are more possibilities for repairs or untimely replacement.

The Unit Size

The size of the AC defines how it will perform. Undersized or oversized cooling systems determine efficiency as well. If the AC size is too big, it can fail to well-dehumidify the home before running through the complete cooling cycle. While giving quick comfort, instant off and on, the size plays a crucial role.

Less Maintenance

Your system is measured to survive about 15 to 20 years, but only when you adopt maintenance time by time. Periodically and precautionary maintenance benefits keep your cooling system working smoothly and lengthen the lifespan. Otherwise, you might need to seek an HVAC specialist to accomplish repairs or even buy a brand-new air conditioner earlier than expected.

Signs Your Residential Air Conditioner Needs Replacement.

Air conditioners still show signals that upgrades or replacements are required. Pay heed to the following signals, as they could indicate that the machinery is about to conk out:
Weak Airflow: the dust may be trapped in the Air conditioner vents, or the compressor may break down.
There is No Cold Air: this might happen if the Air conditioning system’s coolant level is too low or the compressor is not operating.
Warm Air Blowing: hot air will escape through the ventilation if the compressor is damaged or the coolant escapes through the device.
A Bad Smell: burn-out wire insulation normally produces a heavy, pungent smell whenever you turn on the air conditioner.
Weird Sounds: for example, a squealing, scratching, or grinding sound coming from the machines can suggest that everything internal is broken.
Device Leakage of Refrigerant: broken or damaged condensate line can lead to leakage of refrigerant or humidity around the machine.
High Power Bills: an aging air conditioning system typically generates more energy to cool off the rooms. A telling indication of this is an increase in the bills of electricity.

Choose A Trustworthy Supplier.

No matter what kind of air conditioning unit you have, it is likely that you will inevitably find a problem that means that something is inconsistent with your system. It might be a thermostat problem, or your device could have run low on the refrigerant. If you have an issue with your Residential Heating and Air Conditioning in Santa Rosa, hiring a reliable specialist will help you get the tension out of the situation.
At Valley Comfort Heating and Air, our HVAC professionals are well versed in all manner of AC problems and are accessible 24 hours a day all week long.
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