When Does A House Need A Deep Clean? Look For These Signs!
Thursday, 19 November 2020

A clean and healthy living environment is one of the basic requirements of life. A clean house creates a refreshing aura where a family can thrive, maintaining high health standards. Most often than not, we don’t have a lot of time for thorough cleaning exercises due to different routines and timely job requirements. 

Consequently, some of the parts (behind furniture, under carpets, and other neglected areas) of the house remain unclean, which means your house needs a deep clean.  

 According to My maid, experts say that you need to deep clean your house space at least once a year. Deep cleaning involves a thorough cleaning of surfaces and moving of heavy marts and furniture, so you might need to hire a team to be deep clean because it’s not a one man job. 

On the other hand, the following are different tells of a house that needs a deep clean; 

  • Discolored and stains on bathing tabs and toilet bowls. 
  • Cobwebs on rarely used rooms 
  • Dusty countertops, disorganized drawers due to accumulated junk 
  • Disorganized living spaces, everything is everywhere like your house is begging for a reorganization. 
  • Dirty furniture, especially below cushions in couches. 
  • Fur all over the house for those homes that own pets. 
  • Dusty closets with old and unused clothes with no order whatsoever 
Deep cleaning activities ensure that all these hard to reach areas are worked on, even if it means moving to beds and carpets to ensure that these areas are sparkling clean. Floor mats are also vacuumed to perfection to minimize dust being a trigger to any family member with allergy issues. This will, by far, promote hygiene and healthy living for your family. My maid suggests that closets should be emptied to get rid of old and rarely used clothes, which could be donated to create more room in the closet to facilitate the good arrangement of your clothes for more timely dressing.
The kitchen needs to be disinfected thoroughly cleaned, since it is exposed to a lot of organic foods and other components which could spill to unreachable areas and cause a funky smell and mold on timber shelves mainly below or near sinks and cooking areas. These shelves need to be changed to avoid food poisoning and keep the kitchen at a high level of hygiene for healthy living. These activities are done exemplary by cleaning services who have qualified personnel who have been trained to promote better living. 
An orderly and manageable home is the wish of many people, but this not an easy job. You need to arrange everything in the best way for ease of access and for the best look to create a beautiful home to be loved by your family and envied by your visitors. 
My maid suggests that living space should be easy. For instance, families with kids who usually like to run and play must have enough space to avoid tripping accidents. This way, you live in a house that gives the best living experience, that is, a home. 


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