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30 Funny Animals to Make Your Day
Tuesday, 09 June 2009

Peel out Duck



Water Landing



What is it?!



Impolite Giraffe



Am I Beautiful Today?



Dive Bomber



Fast Food Makes You Fat



Curious George



Fox Hug






Playing Pandas



Yes, I am lazy, so what?



Let Me Eat in Peace



Lion Cleaning



Monkey Is LOL



Don't look at us like that!



Nice Smiley Face



Nice to Meet You



The Gun Monkey






Racoon Has a Question



Sleeping with a Teddy Bear



What's going on?



Squirrel Thief



Story Time



Tough Cat



Wassup Cat



Wet Monkey Face



Yawn Pig



Yummy Tail


Photo credits: Funny Animal Pictures, Desktop Wallpapers

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