The most famous love stories in history


Best Snow Leopard Photography by Tambako the Jaguar
Friday, 15 October 2010

"A leopard can not change his spots"


Kailash playing with her mother





Djamila lying and posing




Mother and daugher : a love story!




Kailash posing besides her mother




Kailash with open mouth




Kailash lying down




«Djamila, I love you!...»




Djamila and Kailash




Kailash playing with a twig




Kailash on the rocks




Kailash under her mother




The cute tongue of Kailash




Relaxed indeever among the plants




Villy licking his paw




«Do I look cute or dumb like that?»




«Mom, stop that, people are watching us!»




«Let me and my mother alone!!!»




Djamila and her cub posing




Licking session









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