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Breathtaking Animal Photography from National Geographic. Part 1
Tuesday, 12 July 2011

"A dog wags its tail with its heart"

~ Martin Buxbaum


Highland Cattle, Scotland

Photograph by Patrick Kelley



Tiger, Chiang Mai

Photograph by Patrice Carlton



Leopard, South Africa

Photograph by Madison Hall



Japanese Macaques, Nagano

Photograph by Patrick Shyu



Oxpecker and Zebra, South Africa

Photograph by Magnus J. K. Elmgren



Polar Bear and Cub, Svalbard

Photograph by Philip Dien



Horses, Wales

Photograph by Marian Ubrankovic



Timber Wolves

Photograph by Jacqueline Crivello






Pig, Malawi

Photograph by Tara McKay



Lion Brothers, Australia

Photograph by Mick Tsikas



Red Foxes, Delaware

Photograph by Sean Crane



Elephants, Botswana

Photograph by Prince Eleazer



Macaque Family, Japan

Photograph by Michael Angelo Cortez



Wild Dog, Botswana

Photograph by Ijaz Bhatti



Sally Lightfoot Crab, Galápagos Islands

Photograph by Erika Phillips



Cattle Egret, Florida

Photograph by Troy Lim




Photograph by Anna Ponomareva



Hares, Italy

Photograph by Graziano Capaccioli

Cute Baby Elephant Pictures

Beautiful Swan Photography by Jacky Parker

Cat in a Box

How to Sleep in a Box

Breathtaking Animal Photography from National Geographic. Part 2



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