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Cat Photography: Playing Hide and Seek
Monday, 05 December 2011

Hiding is as much a part of a cat's nature as anything they do. So the next time you find your cat in the dryer, you can feel good knowing that she's not weird or strange - she's just being a cat.


Cat in the box by mosippy



Hidden Cat by denisko



Hidden Cat by Grahford






Bat Cat by bossejonsson59



Hiding by matteolr



Cats in the Snow



Hiding by rob704



Hidden Billy cat by AKinsey Foto






Hiding by jlebaron



Ama-gat / Ninja cat by xopi



Hidden Cat by tiagum



Cats in the Snow



Hidden cat by EULALIA2010



Hide & Seek by crimson.king79



Hiding by damselfly58



Cats in the Snow



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Funny Life of Cats. Part 2

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