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It's a Bathtime: Sink Cats
Wednesday, 04 March 2009

In fact, not all cats hate water.

Some cats really enjoy having a bath, or, it's better to say a sink;)


Red Cat in a Sink



White Kitten  in a Sink


Cat Drinking Water in a Sink


Wet Cat in a Sink


Interested Cat in a Sink


Cat Looking at the Water


Two Bengal Cats in a Sink


Cat and Duck in a Sink


Funny Kitten in a Sink


REd Kitten in a Kitchen Sink


Two Funny Cats Lying in a Sink


Cat Looking out from the Sink


Cat Chillin' in a Sink


Black&white Cat in a Sink


Cat in a Sink Looking at You


Big Yawn in a Sink


Cat in a Sink Black&White


Cat Sitting in a Sink


Cat in a Sink:


Chill Out in the Sink


Cat in a Sink


Cat and Kitten in the Sink


Cat Resting in a Sink


Red Cat in the Sink


Red Cat Drinking Tap Water


Photo credits: Matt Glass, Dennis Barnes, Inkygirl, fofurasfelinas, christopherandtia, mcwetboy, Kevin Steele, de-kay, applesticker, Eliverto Scherer, *Michelle*(xena2542), Maia C, DannyAnkle and others.

All photo copyrights belong to photo authors.


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