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What Can We Learn From Kittens?
Wednesday, 12 June 2013

If there is not enough happiness in your life, try to follow these simple tips from kittens!

They are always happy, so maybe some tips from their lifestyle could make you happier:)

What are they?


1. Sleep!

The most important thing in the life of every kitten.



2. Sleep a lot!



3. Spend a larger part of the day sleeping!



4. Eat as much as you want



5. Lie



6. Lie



7. Lie



8. Do nothing



9. Bask in the sun



10. Play alone



11. Play with friends



12. Play with everything you can find



13. Bite somebody's finger or everything you want



14. Explore the world around you



15. Be curious about everything

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back!



16. Find an interesting place to lie



17. Show your claws whenever you want



18. Hunt for birds or everything that moves



19. Lick your body

In this case there is no need to waste your time on taking a shower:)



20. Mew to express all your feelings

Photo by Geraldine Vincent


These tips are quite simple, but they will help you to be carefree and happy!:)


Photo credits:, Cute Cats, Kitten Wallpapers

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