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10 Interesting Places to Visit Before You Die. Part 2
Sunday, 07 June 2009

Do you have a list of your dream destinations? If you don't, our list will help you. Here is the top 10 interesting places to visit before you die by AmO. Pack your bags and get ready to travel!

The beginning of the list is here:

10 Interesting Places to Visit Before You Die. Part 1


6. India

Taj Mahal, New Seven Wonders of the World



"If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India!"

~ Romaine Rolland


Rockfort Ucchi Pillayar Temple



Agra Fort



Goa Beach







Gadi Sagar Temple



7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


"Carnival was incredible, albeit intense, 5 days of partying with a little sleep thrown in. After Carnival it was time to see some sights... First thing was to experience the world famous Ipanema and Copcabana beaches. Rio is such a unique city, it has beautiful beaches, a huge metropolitan area, and rugged terrain."

~ Derek, Travel News


Christ the Redeemer, New Seven Wonders of the World











Carnival in Rio de Janeiro



Carnival in Rio de Janeiro



8. Hawaii


"Hawaii is a Paradise - and I can never cease proclaiming it; but I must append one word of qualification: Hawaii is a Paradise for the well-to-do."

~ Jack London






Aloha from Paradise: Hawaii Beaches









9. Cairo, Egypt


"Egypt is a land of contrasts, surprises and wonderment and it's really hard to convey the experience..."

~ Kirsty Grant Blog








The Pyramids of Giza



The Great Sphinx of Giza





10. Lhasa, Tibet


"There is an old Tibetan saying: wherever you feel at home, you are at home. If your surroundings are pleasant, you are at home."

~ Tenzin Gyatso, The 14th Dalai Lama


Beauty of Tibet You've Never Seen Before





Photo by Kenneth Parker



Photo by Kenneth Parker





10 Interesting Places to Visit Before You Die. Part 1

The Most Beautiful Beaches

Beauty of Tibet You've Never Seen Before

Kenneth Parker Photography: Beautiful Sights Throughout the World



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anonymous - missing place   | | 2009-06-07 15:32:27
While all these are incredible photos, I think that Dubai should be on that list. From islands that look like palm trees and the globe, to an indoor ski resort (in the middle of the desert) it truely is a place of magic and no city is like it in the world.
Someone   | | 2009-06-18 02:59:32
Yeah, right and you are a sick person. First there is no culture in UAE that was made up. Second it a place where slavery is still practised. Third they pay sewage drivers (east india's) so little they do not dump the raw sewage at the process plants, instead they dump in the sea where it ends up on the man made islands and not only makes a unplease smell, people get sick just wading in the water. Arabs are the dirtiest people. And you can ask any Arab and confirm this, because it one two things, either Arabs are too poor to provide themselves with proper saniation or they like living in filth. So which is it? Go to any Arab city and you see two things slavery and filth.
Annoyed By Someone - Started out right and ended up   | | 2009-06-30 15:24:16
While I agree, Dubai is a such a manufactured and man made place that it doesn't yet qualify to be in the top ten. I would say give it another 30 years to see what it becomes, whether it thrives and grows or declines.

However, I can not condone your reprehensible comments about "Arabs". Your comments are simply ignorant and racist. I'm not an Arab and neither have I been to Dubai but I can tell you that the "Middle Eastern" people that I have known which is a mix of Arabs as well as many other ethnic groups are actually quite clean. As far as the socio-economics that are at play in Dubai and it's labor force I don't doubt that there is plenty of labor abuse. Dubai is a place focused on money, designed and run by wealthy people who's only thought is to stay that way. But like I said, give it 30 years and you will see how time and history shapes it for the better or worse.
Oksana - Dubai   | | 2009-06-07 15:38:39
Yes, you are right it's an amazing place! Though there are so many great places that can be added to this list... I'll make another one and add Dubai to it:) Thank you for your proposition!
Anonymous   | | 2009-06-07 17:35:02
Another great addition would be Istanbul, Turkey. It has such a deep history that spans centuries and many different empires.
Oksana - Istanbul   | | 2009-06-08 10:05:48
Thank you! I've heard that Istanbul is a great city, I think I'll add it to another list:)
Anonymous   | | 2009-06-30 07:40:15
e roma???
gozde - i think   | | 2009-07-11 05:03:16
TURKIYE interesting Place to Visit Before You Die
reza - iran   | | 2010-12-26 21:53:38
iran have so beauty p;ace as than as this place!
Anonymous   | | 2010-12-28 05:29:08
Go to philippines and you find the real beautiful places. We got the 8th worders of the world. Our 100 islands, beaches and mountains are really amazing.
Anonymous - re: Istanbul   | | 2011-09-01 08:21:55
Oksana wrote:
Thank you! I've heard that Istanbul is a great city, I think I'll add it to another list:)
kaka   | | 2011-12-15 23:21:31
Thailand is exactly place to visit.
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