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10 Unusual Holiday Spots Around the World
Friday, 16 March 2012

Underwater Restaurant, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Eat your meal 5 metres below the ocean! Located on a coral reef with an innovative aquarium design, Ithaa is the only all glass undersea restaurant in the world where diners can enjoy 360-degree views of the local sea life. Offering exciting and novel fusion Maldivian-western menu, Ithaa, which means "pearl" in the local language, promises a unique dining experience that puts the humans in the fish bowl.







Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Italy

Carved out of magnificent limestone rocks,with a view over the blue-green Adriatic, the Hotel Grotta Palazzese in Polignano a Mare lies in an unparalleled location and has been enchanting visitors for centuries.








Castle Garden Markizyak, France

The main attraction of the city Vezak in the Dordogne region is Markizyak Castle and its gardens. The sculptural landscape around the castle was created with the end of the seventeenth century. Over the picturesque valley at an altitude of 200 meters, planted thousands of shrubs boxwood.Vegetation determines the geometry of the garden and mark the boundaries of the tracks. Among the maze of winding alleys with many located gazebo, stone huts and rest areas. After reconstruction in 1996 the garden was made available to the public.








Ice Aquarium in Kesennuma, Japan

The Kori no Suizokukan (Frozen Aquarium) in Kesennuma, northeastern Japan, packs about 450 specimens of marine life frozen in large columns of ice bathed in blue light.








Waterfall Restaurant, Villa Escudero, Philippine

Lunch is served on bamboo dining tables set in a few inches of crystalline running water from the falls. The experience of dining on delicious local dishes with the sparkling waterfalls as a backdrop with clear spring water running over your feet is a truly singular and memorable experience only Villa Escudero can offer.








Arctic SnowHotel

Thousands of years ago men wandered in the northern wilderness. Already in those days they knew that Lake Lehtojärvi was a pleasant route to take. They left us a reminder, a moose head, which had decorated their stone-age boat. The Arctic SnowHotel has been built in this very landscape, at the stopping place of ancient travellers. Located near the capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi, this story made out of snow and ice continues from dawn till dusk and into the night, filling up all the senses. Come play, rest, and fall in love with a world of snow beautifully built by man and formed by Lappish nature. Take a day trip or stay overnight – you’ll find yourself in your own element.








Kawachi Fuji Garden's Gorgeous Flower Tunnel Walkway, Japan

This stunning flower walkway is the known as the “Wisteria Tunnel,” situated in the Kawachi Fuji Garden. It really looks so peaceful to take a stroll through.








Devil's Swimming Pool, Victoria Falls, Africa

If you’re ever in Zimbabwe, don’t miss the chance to take a swim in The Devil’s Pool, a small lagoon, enclosed by rocks, on the edge of one of the biggest, most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls. Set on Livingstone Island, at a height of 103 meters, Devil’s Pool is definitely one of the most surreal locations on Earth.








Wunderland Kalkar, Germany

Enter West Germany's Wunderland Kalkar - an incredible adaptive reuse project that transformed a never-used nuclear reactor into an amusement park! The remarkable renovation took a power station in Kalkar and turned it into a park that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.








Luxury Igloo Village in Middle of the Forest, Finland

Great glass igloos that obviously glow in the dark from all the lights inside of them makes them so special. From each igloo you have a great view over the snow landscape and if you are lucky you’ll maybe see northern lights at night, if not; enjoy the million stars. And don’t worry, modern technology is installed in every igloo that make the glasses clear and keep them away from white frost, even if the temperature drops under -30 Celsius.





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