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15 Incredible Infinity Pools
Friday, 12 August 2011

The design of infinity edge pools are visually stunning, as the swimming pool appears like the edge vanished and the pool stretches into the horizon or to infinity. The design concept of infinity pools originated in France, but the very expensive vanishing edge swimming pools are usually found nowadays in gorgeous locations like exotic resorts or exclusive estates. Some of the most stunning infinity pools are situated on a cliff, or on a hillside next to green foliage, or stretching out as if to meet with the sea.


Incredible Infinity Pool in Bali.

by Sean McGrath



Bali Infinity Pool swimming to the edge of eternity.

by Shura



Indonesia Infinity Pool

by Shura



Paradise pool in the Maldives

by Sarah_Ackerman



Bora Bora Infinity Beach Pool

by Duncan Rawlinson | Online Photography School



The Sha Wellness Clinic just outside Benidorm in Spain.

by John O’Nolan



Infinity pool at Saint John Mykonos in Greece.

by Upsilon Andromedae



This will be a good week in Zihuatanejo Mexico.

by Chris Martin



Tahiti disappearing edge infinity pool at sunset with pool bar

by Duncan Rawlinson | Online Photography School



Southern California at Dusk.

by ToGa Wanderings



Sky Pool at the Hotel Villa Mahal in Turkey.

by cloudzilla



Swimming pool in the sky on the 57 floor of the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore. Not quite a vanishing edge, but impressive nonetheless.

by green_kermit



Lovely Infinity Pool and the only one in the whole Hacienda del Alamo complex, Spain.

by Supermac1961



Infinity Pool with Indian Ocean in the background.

by Sarah_Ackerman



The horizon edge looks out over Santa Barbara.

by Doc Searls

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