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Beautiful Watercolor Paintings by Darryl Trott
Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Darryl Trott achieved a feel and flow with watercolour that no other medium comes close to. The Australian born artist was inspired from the very young age of six when he received his first set of watercolour paints for Christmas. From this early age he knew that his fingers and watercolour paint were a natural combination. But it was thirty years or more before his childhood love of flowers and art were brought to the surface by Ruth Tuck, a great Australian floral artist and teacher.

~ Landsborough Galleries


Casablanca Lillies






Awaking Fragrance



Dazzling Dahlias



Springtime Medley



Heart Of The Tropics



Tropics Alive



Paeony Perfection






Crown Of The Amazon



Harvest Of Spring



Iris Summer



Cascade Of Beauty



Opening Night

Artist: Darryl Trott

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