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Po Pin Lin Art
Saturday, 08 August 2009

Po Pin Lin has won the Award of Excellent in the Oil Painters of America's national and regional exhibition in 2001 and 2002 and has been a signature member of Oil Painters of America for many years. He has been featured twice in Southwest Art Magazine and was named "one of the 21 finest American artists under 31". Po Pin Lin is also the cover story and the subject of a six pages feature article in The Artist's Magazine in September issue of 2003. Recently, he is feature in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine premier issue - "The Chinese Academic Tradition - Po Pin Lin: From Taiwanese Farm buy to American City-Dweller."

Po Pin's work is currently represented by Lee Youngman Gallery, and Portnoy Gallery. 


Wet Day Commute



Glow of the Evening



Evening Harbor



Bay Reflections



Delights of the Bay



Street Market



Car Wash



The Colors of the City



Hilltop View



Point Lobos



Ski Fun



Autumn Creek



Summer Village



Farm at Rest



Shaded Shore



Misty Day by the Sea



Sunlit Vineyard



Toward the Bay



Golden Path



Bay Panorama



Salmon Skies



Heart of the City



City Reflections

Paintings by Po Pin Lin


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