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Wonderful Paintings by Micko-vic
Friday, 13 January 2012

"I am a great lover of art, in many forms: paintings, objets, textiles. I don't have the talent for painting, but I have a very good sense of colour, a love of visual beauty."

~ Jacqueline Bisset


Flow 5



Valletta Twilight 7



Never Ending Squares 12



Golden Hour 5



 Boulevard in Belgrade



Land 3



Land 2



Valletta Twilight 11



 Safety First



Setting Sail 3



Rural Community 5



 Boulevard in Belgrade



Valletta Twilight 9



Never Ending Squares 11

Artist: Micko-vic

Wonderful Paintings by Louis Aston Knight

Beautiful Women Paintings by Daniel F. Gerhartz. Part 2

Southern Landscape Pictures by Artist: Alexander Milyukov


Russian Landscape Paintings by Ivan Shishkin



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