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Flowers Are the Best Gift!
Sunday, 19 July 2009

The tradition of giving flowers is one that is revered by lovers, friends and families all around the globe. While flower giving can accompany almost any occasion, the most common reason to give flowers is to express romantic love. Nervous first dates, wedding decorations and bridal bouquets, anniversaries, unexpected "I Love You's", "I'm Sorry's", and, of course, the annual love fest that is Valentine's Day are all special occasions that call for beautiful, carefully selected flowers.












But love isn't the only reason people give flowers. Flowers and bouquets are often given for a celebration such as birthdays, presented by children young and old to their Mums on Mother's Day, and flowers are often laid as a beautiful memorial in honour and remembrance of a loved one.













A single flower, bouquet or floral arrangement can express joy, romance, passion, appreciation or sympathy in a way that is often difficult to match with any other gift.



















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Beautiful Flower Compositions

Fresh and Beautiful Tulips

Flower Photography by Radu Carp

Red Poppies



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