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Inspiration from Enigma Songs
Friday, 05 August 2011

"In every color there's the light

In every stone sleeps a crystal

Remember the Shaman when he used to say:

"Man is the dream of the dolphin."

~ Enigma - The Dream Of The Dolphin





"Let us try to live our lost illusions; they're the sun at night

If we don't, we'll never taste the spice of life"

~ Enigma - Prism Of Life





"If you understand or if you don't

If you believe or if you doubt

There's a universal justice

And the Eyes of Truth are always watching you. "

~ Enigma - The Cross Of Changes





"Don't be afraid to be weak

Don't be too proud to be strong

Just look into your heart, my friend

That will be the return to yourself"

~ Enigma - Return To Innocence





"Basic instincts, social life

Paradoxes side by side

Don't submit to stupid rules

Be yourself and not a fool

Don't accept average habits

Open your heart and push the limits "

~ Enigma - Push the Limits





"There's no teacher who can teach anything new.

He can just help us to understand the things we always knew."

~ Enigma - Odyssey Of The Mind





"The principles of lust are easy to understand

Do what you feel, feel until the end

The principles of lust are burned in your mind

Do what you want, do it until you find love"

~ Enigma - Principles Of Lust





"The eternal flame will always burn

Feel, understand and learn"

~ Enigma - Smell of Desire


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