Holding the Sun
Tuesday, 07 October 2008

"The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world's joy."

~ Henry Ward Beecher




"Holding the Cretan Sun!" by agelakis



"Holding the sun - Jodhpur - Rajastan" byVincent Van Den Broucke



"Roel holding sun - El Nido, Palawan Island" by Norah



"Holding the Sun" by Tom Olliver



"Holding the Sun in Hands" by rashi



"The hands that hold the sun can do many powerful things!" by The Bugmaster



"Holding the sun in my.... foot :)" by -Sunny-



"Sun is easy to hold in evening when it's cool :-)) LOL " by Gps1



"Holding the Sun" by Karlstrom Photography



"I'm holding the sun away from the stormy cloud so it can shine in all his power. " by tinc2bg



"New year sun rise " by amdcreation



"Brabo, the mythical Roman soldier who killed the giant Antigoon and gave his name to the duchy of Brabant. His statue is standing in Antwerp" by .eti



"She wanted to hold the sun when she was a baby she would catch the moon and hold it until she fell asleep." by zimza



"Holding the Sun" by academymum



Hold the Sun by hoyden



"To hold the Sun in hands..." by marika_te



"Catch the sun and hold it forever" by Phyllis Agnes Lindsaylohan



"Holding the sun" by krowla



"Holding the sun" by mki 88



"You have to squint when holding the sun" by Yelnoc



"To Catch the Sun" by RyanJLane



"Holding the Sun" by mSkeet



"Can you hold the sun?" by michael_callahan



"She's got the whole world in her Hands" by Alex-Skywalker



"I sit still, holding the sun over the horizon's brilliant rim, waitng for the quiet shrine of the evening..." by

lauren {elycerose}



"Holding the Sun" by joergschickedanz



"Holding" by evad67



"Holding the Sunshine" by Lusciouz Lindsay



"Can you hold the sun?" by rstedem



"Holding the Sun" by tomgutteridge78

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candice   | | 2009-04-28 06:04:55
i just love these ones!
isong - hold the sun by The Bugmaster     | | 2009-05-13 00:32:12
Hi There,

Love the picture of The Bugmaster, symbolizing protection. Therefore, grant me to use it in my very first blog

chris r - my turn     | | 2009-08-03 21:10:34
these make me want to take out my camera next time there is a sunset.
Roeland   | | 2010-07-01 19:34:20
some of them are really bad... nice idea but pleae put some effort in making it look good like the 3th one
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