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The Colors of Nature: Black Emptiness
Monday, 17 November 2008

"Black is the most misunderstood color. A black tie dinner is very formal and elegant. Women can wear that "must have little black dress" to the black tie dinner. Yet the bad guys wear black hats. Black symbolizes death in some cultures. Native Americans thought black was good because it was the color of soil, which gives life. Black is not a color, strictly speaking. It is the absence of all color. When people speak of opposites, it is usually in terms of black and white. Black, and its opposite white, represents polarities. Black absorbs all aspects of light. While white reveals, black conceals. It has come to mean hidden, fearful or bad experience. It is linked to the unknown or the unseen. In times of fear and uncertainty black contains the energy of the threatening unknown. In a positive state, black is seen as a restful emptiness into which anything may emerge and disappear once again. Black is the color of authority and power. It represents sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth. It is also mysterious, providing a sense of potential and possibility."

~ Color Psychology: Express Your Color Mood, AmO Life Hacks




































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