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Color Your Life: Pencil Photos and Facts
Saturday, 15 August 2009
  • One pencil will draw a line 70 miles long.

Colors by Freek van den Bergh



Colour Pencils by M4gic



  • The pencil was invented more than 400 years ago, in 1565.

Pencil Forest by jrorci



Colours of the Pencil by Jordan Lye



  • More than 14 billion pencils are produced in the world every year - enough to circle the globe 62 times.

Greyscale and Color Pencils and Eyes by Cher0213



The mandatory colored pencils shot by myruby



  • Famous novelists Ernest Hemingway and John Steinbeck used pencils to write their books.

Pencil Stripes by Freek van den Bergh



Pencils by Matt Gypps



  • A good-size tree will make about 300,000 pencils.

Five Pencils by Rune T



Pencil Points Macro by midnightinfinite



  • Pencils didn't have erasers on them until 100 years ago because teachers felt they would encourage children to make mistakes.

Pencil Rainbow by Osgoldcross



Rainbow Pencils by Greg 50



  • Two billion pencils are made in the United States each year.



Please Colour My Life by Jordan Lye



  • It would cost $50 in labor and materials for a person to make a 10-cent pencil.

Color Pencil by rockwilda



I Love You from the Bottom of My Pencil Case by emilylemsip



  • The hexagonal shaped pencil was developed as an alternative to the round pencil so that the pencil would not roll off the desk.

Colored Pencils by minnieminnmin



Color Pencils by Tambako the Jaguar



Coloured Pencils in a Glass Tumbler


It's a Colorful World!

Nice Souvenirs

Splendid Still Life Photography by Sebastian Gollings

Crazy Colors - Fashion Photography by Jamie Nelson



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