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Giovanni Orlando Photography
Thursday, 15 October 2009

"Giovanni's work is amazing, so professional, and so perfect! Is creative, and very inspiring. One of the most talented persons in flickr. And he's also a very lovely and kind person, who appreciate the work of the begginers photographers."

~ About Wherever I May Roam


Precious Heart



Three Silly Drops






Con la sola imposizione delle mani ho materializzato una palla di bokeh!!!



Il senso della vita



Follow Me



The Wooden Fence



Cold Breeze



The autumnal invasion of unachieved desires



Old Memories






Manduria, ulivi a Natale






Spighe nel caldo pomeriggio



The Blue, the Yellow and the Autumn



Walking Autumn



The First Breath of Fall



Luci e Mormorii



The Little Town



A  Good Day for Fishing



Lost Things

Copyrighted by Giovanni Orlando


Creative Photography of Chema Madoz

Still Life Photography by Mikel Arrizabalaga

Nature in Detail by Kathleen Connally

Nature Photography by Eric Alder. Part 1



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