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Life in Miniature: Tilt-Shift Photography
Tuesday, 17 April 2012

You may think you are viewing photos of miniature villages but these are in fact photos of real life. These photographs have been taken using the special art of tilt-shift photography. The effects can be produced by the use of camera movements on small and medium cameras.


 Harpers Ferry Tilt Shift 1 v2 by CharlesWb



Tilt Shift - 2nd attempt - Photoshop by drew_anywhere



Lodeczki: Tilt-Shift by RiVANEL



Buildings...by LordXar



Tilt-shifted Bruges..by tscheirl



Eiffel Tilt-Shift II by ArnarBi



Tilt Shift Louvre by Alineas



Tilt-Shift 1 by Yousef Askool



Little game by pattagon






Uppermill Tilt Shift by *irwingcommand



Maid of the Mist Tilt Shift by WonderDookie



Tilt shift effect - penguins by Lorenzo Baldini



Tilt shift fun by DanielloPL



TILT-SHIFT by xonezx



Tilt shift effect - Barcelona by Lorenzo Baldini



Tilt shift effect - elephants by Lorenzo Baldini

Delicious Foodscapes by Carl Warner

Brilliant Examples of Forced Perspective Photography. Part 2

Dominik Kraner Photography

Giovanni Orlando Photography



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