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Life of Gummy Bears. Part 1
Saturday, 25 April 2009

Do you know what it is like to be a gummy bear in this world?

Here you can see a day in their life:)


Gummy travaille by Didj66



A Gummy Bear a day helps keep M.C. creating... by neil.nathanson



Gummy Bears' Kiss by Mandarine Scofield



Back from chasing by Michele M. F.



Attempt to Escape by visio0815



Sacrifice by Michele M. F.



Paganism by Michele M. F.



Brown Monday by Michele M. F.





Blund eats his fellow bears! by renn.semmi



Gummy Bear by Stephanie



Gummy Murder by John Carleton



Gummy Bear Tanning by Elaine Ouyang



Photo by irodim



Gummy Bear by idconfusion



Gummy Bear Bush by Billie



Happy New Year! by Martin



Photo by Mozzii



Gummy Bear at the Park by Avitania B



Gummy Bears Go on Vacation by Avitania B


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