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Life of Gummy Bears. Part 2
Monday, 27 April 2009

Do you what it is like to be a gummy bear in this world?

Here you can see another day in their life:)


Elephant by Andrei Prakharevich



The Secret (Night) Lives of Gummy Bears by Jamie Sims



Gummy Bears in Love by Aleksandras Gimbickis



Einsam by westpark



Gummy Bears Go G'night by Avitania B



About to by Andrei Prakharevich



Egypt by Andrei Prakharevich



Therapy by Andrei Prakharevich



Gummy Bear's Party by schattenbaum



Kick harder down there! We're not moving! by Tarja



Night of the Undead Gummy Bears by Tarja



HELP US!!! by gergo











The Gummy Bears Climd Mt. Hershey by renn.semmi



Photo by BicycleHEAD26



Gummies Like the Night Life by Jamie Sims



Shiny Yummy Gummies by Stephanie


Life of Gummy Bears. Part 1

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It's a Colorful World!

Sweet Life



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