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Aerial Photography by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Part 2
Tuesday, 27 September 2011

"Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be waiting for us in our graves - or whether it should be ours here and now and on this earth."

~ Ayn Rand


Dromadary caravan near Nouakchott, Mauritania



Dromedary caravans near Fachi, Tenere desert, Niger



 Herd of sheeps near the river Arerunguá, province of Salto, Eastern Republic of Uruguay



Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone national park, Wyoming, United States



Folgefonni glacier on the high plateaus of SØrfjorden, Norway 



Boat run aground, Zakynthos, Ionian islands, Greece



Autumn forest in the region of Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada



Lakagigar Volcano Chain, Iceland



Snow-covered mountains of Band E Amir, Afghanistan



Detail of the Pjorsa river, Iceland



Nuami Islet, atoll of Nokan Hui, New Caledonia, France



Old town of Sanaa., Yemen



Dyer's vats and workshops in Fez, Morocco



Crowd in Abengourou, Ivory Coast



Market gardening near Timbuktu, Mali



Bora Bora, french Polynesia



 Workers in the fields between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, Thailand



Cattle crossing the Chimehuin river, Neuquén province, Argentina



Storm over the Amazon rainforest near Téfé, Amazonas State, Brazil



Formation of sea ice in the Turku; archipelago, Finland



Erosion on the slopes of a volcano near Ankisabe, near Antananarivo, Madagascar

Copyrighted by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

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