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Fantastic Fog Photos
Tuesday, 25 January 2011

"Living without faith is like driving in a fog."


Forgotten time by munteanu adrian





Foggy morning by Yevgen Timashov



Morning fog by Yevgen Timashov



Island by Robin Holler



Atmosphere of a midsummer morning by Edmondo Senatore



Fog in the valley by Edmondo Senatore



Luigi Benedetti



Eu te amo, em Lisboa! by Paulo FLOP



My Kamchatka!!! by Denis Bud'kov



Misty Sunday by Aleš Komovec



Sunrise in Huangshan by Yevgen Timashov



Foggy sunset by Yevgen Timashov



 Foggy morning by Vadim Trunov



Infinity by Cornel Pufan



Herdsman by Yevgen Timashov



Misty Trees by Luka Gorjup

Fog and Steam by Extreme Instability

Unbelievable Skyscapes

Extreme Instability

The Power of the Ocean



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