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The Language of Flowers - Express Your Feelings!
Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Flower meanings and symbolisation were a key element to flower choice many years ago. Try using flowers to express your feelings!


Red rose: "I love you!"

Red rose and lips



Pink rose: "You're so lovely!", "Please believe me...", Grace

Pink roses




White rose: Innocence and Purity, "You're heavenly!"

White rose




Yellow rose: Friendship, Decrease of Love, Jealousy, Infidelity

Yellow rose




Carnation: Fascination





Red carnation: Admiration, "My heart aches for you!"

Red carnation

Red Carnation by Swaminathan




Pink carnation: "I'll never forget you!"

Pink carnations




Yellow carnation: Disdain and Rejection

Yellow carnation meaning




Snowdrop: Hope and Consolation





Lily of the valley: Purity and Humility, Sweetness, "You've made my life complete"

Lilies of the valley




White lily: "It's heavenly to be with you", Virginity, Purity, Majesty

White lilies




Tiger lily: Wealth, Pride

Tiger lily: flower meaning

Wet Tiger Lily by Audrey




Tulip: Symbol of the perfect lover





Red tulips: Declaration of love, "Believe me"

Red tulips




Yellow tulip: "There's sunshine in your smile!"

Yellow tulip




Narcissus: "Stay as sweet as you are!", Egotism, Formality

Pink roses




Peony: Happy life, Happy marriage

Pink roses




Orchid: Magnificence, Love, Beauty, Refinement

Pink roses




Gladiolus: Strength of character, "I am really sincere", "Give me a break"

Pink roses




Aster: Symbol of love, Daintiness

Pink roses




Chrysanthemum: "You're a wonderful friend", Cheerfulness and Rest

Pink roses

Source: Meanings of Flowers - EASYFLOWERS, Meaning of Flowers - iFlorist

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