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Sweet Dreams: Questions and Answers
Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Active ImageSpecialists say that we have dreams for two hours every night, but for a lifetime of 70 years man spends 50 thousand hours (nearly 6 years) having dreams. In fact, the interpretation of dreams was an excellent way to make a living for centuries. In some communities the shamans define human disease, reveal unfaithful spouses, predict pregnancy and weather, determine the location of animals for hunting.


Influenced by the theories of Sigmund Freud dreams have become an important part of Psychiatry and Psychology of 20th century, and the most people are coming to a psychotherapist, spend all the allotted time to retell their dreams. Still the dreams and sleep remain a mystery for all of us.

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We will attempt to answer the most commonly asked questions about dreams.

Whether dreams violate your sleep? It often happens that I sleep and in the morning I feel jaded.

No, the dream is an essential part of sleep. Everybody have dreams (whether they remember them or not), even those who have serious brain damage. Sleep has four phases. During the first phase, eyes are closed, but they continue to move. Specialists believe that you have dreams not only in this phase, but when the eyes stop moving. But the dreams in the first phase are the brightest and figurative. These are the dreams we remember, especially when shortly afterwards we wake up. While sleeping we pass four phases, each for the 90-100 minutes. These cycles are to help us to relax while sleeping. But people who have nightmares just before awakening still feel rested.

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Why do we have dreams?

There are many theories. Freud began modern study of dreams. He thought that dreams represent unrealized wishes that root into suppressed childhood traumas and fears. Another well known dreams’ researcher was Carl Jung . He believed that dream is a little hidden door in the most intimate depths of soul.

The dream ideas of the most modern researchers are more prosaic. Many of them believe that dreams are just “senseless biology”, and regard them as recurring outbreaks of the electrical activity of primitive randomly selected brain’s stimuli, in which the brain processes images.

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There is another idea that frightens many scientists. It says that the dream is a simple psychological trash and junk which the brain needs to be eliminated. According to this theory, there is no function of dreams: if they are indeed important for us, then why we do not remember the most if them?

No one knows the truth about having dreams and whether they have any function. Dream is a history that we are telling ourselves at night. It is mere guesswork not scientific approval, but who knows…

How to remember my dreams?

Some people almost always remember their dreams, and can recite them. But most of us forget what we have dreamt this night - and it’s not necessarily straining to remember them. Of course if you do not care that. If you want, tell yourself before sleeping, that you want to remember your dream. Put the notebook and pen next to the bed and write down everything that you remember as soon as you wake. Writing a daily diary before sleeping may help. These recommendations are provided by specialists to people wishing to remember their dreams, but certainly it does not guarantee. But when you remember and retell your dreams you tend to make them more reasonable and sensible. In that way you create and fix your own dream, filling in the blanks. But there is no way to keep the dream in your mind whiles you’re really sleeping.

What is a nightmare ?

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Both adults and children have nightmares. Over 10% of people have the nightmares at least once a month. Stress in real life, loss of employment or death of relatives, can cause night nightmare. High temperatures, disease or drugs can lead to bad dreams. If you’re awakening in horror, you can tell someone about your dreams, it may help fight the fear and negative emotions. Get up and take a walk if this may help you. Do not criticize yourself if you were not as good as you wish in your dream. Your dreams do not only predict future actions, but also open up your deepest desires, fears, or describe your past.

But still as it was said before, the dreams are still a great mystery.

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