36 I AM Affirmations For Healing, Self Love & Abundance
Saturday, 26 December 2020

I AM affirmations are the complete most powerful statement you can say to yourself if you are looking to shift and redesign your reality.

This article will share Amazing 36 I AM Affirmations for Healing, Self-Love & Abundance.


Using positive affirmations for self-love, abundance, and healing

When used the right way, positive affirmations for healing, abundance, and self-love can help you develop a greater sense of self-worth. You'll feel happier about what your identity is and find that you have more self-regard. Your relationships with others will be better too if you are comfortable with who you are

Anyway, how would you use them?

For positive affirmations about self-love, healing, and abundance to work, you need to believe them. There's no point saying things to yourself that you don't believe to be true as they won't have any impact. For example, there's no need to say "I'm perfect" when you don't yet believe you are. Thus, a superior affirmation would be, I'm becoming more and more beautiful every day."

When you find positive affirmations for abundance, healing, and self-love that resound, write them down. Add them to your journal or diary, or add them to a note pad only for affirmations. Repeat them to yourself – say it out loud – as much as needed but at least a couple of times a day.

  • I AM Affirmations for Self-Love
  • I AM grateful for the person I can be.
  • I AM devoted to uncovering the treasures that are already here.
  • I AM reflective and willing to learn more about the things I need
  • I AM finding comfort within myself.
  • I AM free to grow and learn at my own pace.
  • I AM allowed to express myself.
  • I AM able to handle my needs.
  • I AM taking care of my desires and needs with love and compassion.
  • I AM full of life, and I AM filled with possibility.
  • I AM worthy enough to transform into the abundant nature of who I can be and create.
  • I AM loving myself increasingly daily.
  • I AM wise enough to know that there are lots of things left to learn, humble and happy as I grow.
  • I AM getting to know myself on more and more.
  • I AM now seeing myself in a new, different, and loving light.
  • I AM allowing good health to flow to me now.
  • I AM fine, just as I AM.
  • I AM at peace with my past.
  • I AM surrounded by love.
  • I AM open to seeing myself in new ways that are to my highest good.
  • I AM worthy of connections that are genuine, loving, and nourishing.
  • I AM ever-evolving and ever-expanding.
  • I AM giving myself the love I deserve and have always needed.
  • I AM taking my needs seriously, and I AM not feeling guilty about it.
  • I AM getting stronger and healthier daily. I AM allowing my body to heal.
  • I AM inhaling who I AM and exhaling who I AM not.
  • I AM my own best friend.
  • I AM calling in love and light to help replenish my cells.
  • I AM letting go of all resistance.
  • I AM allowing my cells to re-calibrate and replenish
  • I AM releasing and forgiving all that hurts me.
  • I AM enough, and I have all I need to get to where I want to be.
  • I AM a magnet for the experiences that I desire most.
  • I AM grateful for every gift that I've received, have now, and have yet to receive.
  • I AM an alchemist.
  • I AM willing to listen to what my body says to me.
  • I AM releasing thoughts that are worrisome and do not serve me.
How many affirmations should I say a day?
The more centered you are around a certain reality, the quicker it will manifest. So I recommend picking close to three affirmations to zero in on. I generally focus on just a couple of desires I'm wanting to manifest.


As I mentioned, when you are first beginning using I AM Affirmations for Healing, Self-Love & Abundance, it's presumably not going to move you emotionally immediately. It will likely feel empty, and your ego is going to laugh. That is normal. All beliefs start that way.
An affirmation is you programming your mind into a belief. When a belief takes hold, an emotion is shaped, and once the emotion is felt, your vibration is shifted. This is another motivation behind why it can be easier, to begin with, one affirmation so you can truly allow it to flourish in your mind.
With the above list, you can start your affirmation journey towards being a better version of yourself.


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