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5 Inspirational Things to do in Manhattan, New York City
Wednesday, 31 January 2018

For many NYC tourists, the city became a major bucket list item after the huge success of the Sex and the City series. The movies and series inspired many to dream of wearing wooly coats, riding through NYC’s Central Park on a horse and carriage, and igniting an NYC wanderlust that is hard to ignore. For many, Manhattan is a place to indulge as they share a glass of wine with their loved ones, and spending every single minute taking in the enchanting atmosphere of the Big Apple.

Ok, maybe traveling to NYC will not see you experience the perfect holiday, but with so many things to do, you will effortlessly keep yourself entertained all through your stay. Here is a list of five inspiring things you should do once you get to New York City – and you’ll love them too!

Times Square

The iconic, awe-inspiring Times Square is a tourist attraction that can be found in just about every New York tour guidebook you open – and a tour of Manhattan, New York is never complete without a visit to this place. However, it is a beautiful location in its own unique way with huge screens, flashing lights, and hugely famous theatres, perfectly epitomizing the phrase ‘the city that never sleeps.’ Nevertheless, be careful of cartoon-like dressed individuals who will charge you a hefty fee for taking a photo with them.

The Madison Square Park

The Madison Square Park is an awesome place where you can take a leisurely short stroll in the gardens or even take a break on a park bench as you watch NYC locals and visitors come and go. The park is home to a beautiful water fountain that’s encircled by several buildings of various ages, sizes, and shapes. One of the most beautiful elements about New York is the perfect blending between the new and old in a seamless manner that makes this city a sight for sore eyes.

Chelsea Market

Once you arrive anywhere, one of the first things most people do is research markets available in the area. At New York City’s Chelsea Market, take your time and wander from one stall to the next, looking for exceptional pieces and delicious food offerings. No travel experience is ever complete without exploring local markets.

The market is what you would consider paradise if you’re a foodie, a home to more than 35 vendors selling tasty soups, great coffee, delicious cupcakes, and much more. In a nutshell, this is a one-block area with an industrial feel in combination with a special mix of glam and sparkle that you will only find in New York City. Make sure you go there on an empty stomach – getting there is easy: for instance, visit for packages that stop close by.

The Empire State Building

A common feature of many romantic films from New York City is the impressive Empire State Building. For starters, this is a beautiful building that few would ever consider criticizing its overall design. The best part of this building is its observation decks found on the 86th and 102nd floors, offering visitors unforgettable panoramic views of the Big Apple.

Central Park

The magical Central Park is a favorite spot for many visitors to Manhattan, New York City. Words fail when trying to describe the full beauty of this park smack in the middle of the city that never sleeps. This 843-acre space is Manhattan’s largest open space where you can easily spend countless hours roaming.

Some of the things to do in Central Park include finding hidden waterfalls, picnics, flower shows, and even fishing. Make sure you indulge in some or all of these activities!



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