Let Me Fall and I Will Learn
Monday, 04 May 2009

Some time ago a friend of mine invited me to the skating rink. I couldn’t skate well; in fact I’ve gone skating only once in my life. And that was some years ago:) But I have roller blades and I’m not bad at that. I thought that the difference between them is not too big and I will be able to skate not so bad.




When I came to the skating-rink, I was able to skate, but it was difficult for me to keep my balance. I didn’t feel the ice; I needed practice to get used to it.

From the beginning my friend took my hand and we were skating together, we were skating fast and that was great. But every time I lost my balance I squeezed his hand and he kept our balance. When I tried to skate alone I understood that skating alone was not that easy for me. But he was always there to hold me. He took my hand to skate together again and again. And we were skating together almost all time we were at the skating rink. I’ve had fun and I liked it a lot. But did I learn to skate?

In some days I went to the skating rink with my boyfriend. We were not planning to skate, so when he suggested going there, I laughed and said: "I can’t skate well; I will fall all the time" He said: "No, you won’t - I will be there to hold you, I can skate well"

Suddenly I stopped and said: "No, let me fall and I will learn, let me skate alone and do not hold me"

He laughed: "Ok, as you wish"

I started to skate it wasn’t easy but after some time I could feel the ice much better and my skating was rather confident.

Then he came to me and said: "I think you’ve got some mistakes in your technique. To master the art of skating imagine that you are a child and you make your first steps. You move all your weight on one leg and step" He continued to explain me; I listened to his advice and repeated everything he showed me. Now after some more time and these tips I was skating well. At last my skating was amazing! I felt the joy of being so confident and free:)

Then he took my hand and we were skating together, now it was absolutely different. Not only he could support me in difficult moments but I was able to support him. Well, I should say this was a real skating!

My point is if you want to learn skating, you should skate alone.

Everytime you look for support, try to do the thing by yourself, don’t be afraid to learn, do not be afraid to ask for advice, do not be afraid to fall. As Chinese proverb goes: "Fall 7 times, get up 8 times" And you will learn! When you can, you can not only look for support, but you can also provide support for someone.

A help from the other is good but do not look for it, do not wait when someone will fix your problems, you should always be ready to fix them by yourself. The life will help you to do that; it will show you the way.

And if you want to skate well with someone, both of you should be able to skate alone. This will be the real balance.

By the way, I didn’t fall, every time I lost my balance I managed to stay up. Maybe because I was not afraid to fall…



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