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Life?s Signs That Let You Know It?s Probably Time to Move to a New State
Saturday, 16 January 2021

You may not be too big into how the universe tells us signs and reveals affirmations we already knew but never spoke of it out loud, but whether you believe in them or not, you can’t deny the fact there are life instances and occurrences that happen that make you go back and think to yourself that it could potentially be some kind of sign or signal confirming private thoughts you’ve had… This same concept is evident when making the decision to move to a new state as well.

The thing about how the universe shows us signs is that it’s not going to be this mythical magical instance where the sun literally looks you in the eye and winks at you… The signs we’re talking about are life realizations that speak to certain thoughts and feelings you’ve been having. Some people call them “gut feelings,” but whatever your choice of vocabulary may be, you can very well have these same realizations when it comes to deciding whether or not you should move.

Moving is a big deal, especially when considering moving to a new state… You’re basically uprooting your life. This decision comes easier for some more than others, but if you’re going back and forth in your mind about it, pay attention to the signs that life is throwing at you to help you make your decision. Life may have already been throwing you signs but you didn’t even realize it.

Signs It’s Time to Uproot Your Life and Move


Bad Memories Haunt Your Thoughts

Maybe the very restaurant (your favorite restaurant) where you met your so-called boyfriend is the very location where you caught him cheating; Or the route you take to work is the route where you were in a traumatic car accident and you get chill bumps every time you drive on that road… These are traumatic events that can haunt your thoughts and somewhat mentally cripple you.
Moving to a new state would instantly remove those thoughts from the forefront of your mind and allow room to create new memories… There’s absolutely nothing wrong with moving because you need an escape.

You Can’t Afford Where You Currently Live

One of the biggest signs it’s time to move is that you simply can’t afford to live there anymore. Whether the rent is too high or the cost of living, in general, is too high, you have to move in order to survive.
You probably didn’t know this but people actually move to New York just to take advantage of the solar gardens in New York. This not only gives them a considerably lower electric bill but knowing that you can afford to live where you are will immediately help you feel stress-free. The thoughts of eviction or having your power turned off vanishes.

More Job Opportunities in Your Field

If nothing else will make you move, money will, especially if you live in an area where the job opportunities in your field are slim to none. By moving to a new state, you’ll have more job opportunities and can name your price. If you don’t like what they’re offering, you can always go somewhere that will pay you what you’re asking for, especially if you have the experience and credentials to go along with it… A change in scenery will do great for your career opportunities.
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