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Tell Me What You Believe Now
Monday, 01 December 2008

I've recently stumbled over this pretty amazing site. This site is a some kind of a "social voice of life". Here you can see the answers to the question - "What Is Your Belief, Right Now". I've seen lot's of projects like this, but Tell Me What You Believe Now has something special. Maybe it was made for fun, but I find it as truly inspirational. Some answers are funny, some are sad, some are even rude(sh*t happens:), some are very personal, and some are full of wisdom and love. I couldn't hold myself to add my review here - and some answers - that have touched my heart and made me smile:)

what is your belief

Right now I believe
Enough with the nihilism, people need some hope.



Right now I believe
that someday I'll see everyone smile.

Right now I believe
that some of these beliefs are heartwarming.

Right now I believe
he doesn't know what love is and someday he'll figure it out.

Right now I believe
in the piano.

Right now I believe
life is just a game.

Right now I believe
simplicity and helping others.

Right now I believe
that in the end, everything will balance out.

Right now I believe
that I love him so much.

Right now I believe
you should make someone smile today.


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