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You'll Never Fail Until You Stop Trying
Monday, 22 December 2008

Never give up! This is one of my favorite phrases. Until you stop trying, you can find a way to solve a problem. Even if it seems that there is no right solution in the situation, it always exists. I have few tips that usually help me to organize myself and to move on.

never give up



1. Find Your Motivation

Find something that motivates you, set the goal. We need motivation to move on. It is like a sunshine - lights your way and warms your heart.

2. Face the Problems

Do not hide it. Find out what is your concrete problem now. You may think that you don't have enough money to to realize your dreams, but it can be that you don't have a dream that will motivate you.
Find the root of your problem, face it and ... check step 3 ;)

3. Open Your Eyes

You have faced the problem, now you need to find the solution. Be creative. Open your eyes to find new possibilities. Look, think, imagine, dream. Take away the limits of your usual thinking - look for the creative answers - and you will find the one you need.

4. Analyze

Collect information, gather as many facts as it is possible. Analyze all opportunities to find the best one. It is very important to do a small research to prevent yourself from wasting your time and energy.

5. Make a Decision

This step is very important. If you make a decision, you will go till the end. This is a very responsible step, so think twice. And go to step 4 one more time ;)

6. Take an Action

Dream is nothing without action. How many great ideas had died because of lack of action. Work hardly, do your best, and you will get the results. There is a balance everywhere in nature, so it's better to do your best, if you want to get the best result.

7. Be Grateful

Be grateful and joyful. You have the possibility to evaluate, achieve new goals, develop your skills. Be grateful for this. Any problem is a challenging, but It is also an ability to grow and become better then you are now.



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