10 Reasons to Encourage Your Child to Play a Violin
Thursday, 04 April 2019

The violin is a wonderful instrument for your child to learn. The music that comes out of this instrument is nothing short of magical but truth be told it does require precision and accuracy. Like every musical instrument you have to learn how to play first. When your child begins he/she may sound a bit unpleasant but you should not let that discourage them. With time, practice and a good teacher they will become better and the music they’ll be able to play will blow you away.

Many parents are unaware of the benefits a child gets from playing the violin and tend not to support them. Today we are going to give you 10 reasons why you should encourage your child to play the violin.

1. Boost Your Child’s Memory

Over the years, studies have been conducted to find the impact of learning how to play a musical instrument on a child’s brainpower. The studies have shown that learning a musical instrument in associated with increased brainpower. This is because your child will be required to master all the notes and scales. The violin in particular requires a lot of precision and hence the more your child practices the more he/she improves his/her retention ability.

2. Build Their Self Esteem

Self esteem is something that is often lacking in a number of children. Playing the violin can be a great way to help them build it back. Whereas some may say that the violin is complex and may break them, the truth of the matter is that it will only break them if you let it. Finding a good teacher and regularly encouraging them will in the long run build up their self esteem. Self esteem will help your child associate well with others and have a great social life in school.

3. IntegrateTheir Senses

When your child plays the violin he/she is taught to be in sync with senses like touch, sight and hearing. These senses are usually combined when playing the violin and hence constant practice helps a child integrate all of them. This makes your child a more complete musician.

4. IncreaseTheir Attention Span

This is a character every parent would want their child to have. Playing a violin requires your child to be very attentive to that he or she is able to play smoothly and accurately. This ability to concentrate will not just feature here but during other classes as well. Your child will also be able to concentrate more when you are giving instructions as they are taught to be attentive in their violin class too.

5. Createa Sense of Responsibility

A violin needs to be well-maintained. The responsibility to do that will lie with your child. They will need to ensure it is clean and that the rosin is applied to the bow and strings before playing and wiped out when not required. Doing this regular maintenance makes your child more responsible. Apart from that, they also have to put out a time for practice and remember to attend their violin classes.

6. IncreaseTheir Mathematical Skills

Maths is everywhere and children in particular have to learn math no matter how much they may hate it. Your child will from time to time be required to use his/her mathematical skills while playing the violin. Some of the music theory learnt may also incorporate a little maths. The mathematical skills your child may be required to apply is not complex and hence should not worry them.

7. TeachYour Child Perseverance at a Young Age

The violin may not be as simple to play as the piano or guitar, but it teaches your child to persevere. Your child will need to dedicate a lot of their time to practicing. They will fail most of the times but they will stand tall and try again with encouragement from their parents and teachers. Instilling in your child a virtue like that will stick throughout their life.

8. They Learn To Set Goals

Violin teachers usually teach their students how to set goals. They also give them a list of areas they would like to see them improve on and this encourages your child to practice more. Your child will be able to learn at a very young age that you need to set goals in everything and work towards their achievement.

9. Your Child Is Able To Express Himself

Music is a form of expression and exploration. The violin is one of the best musical instruments for your child to express themselves as the music produced is quite deep and is certain to reach their hearts as well as yours. The violin enables your child to speak without the use of words.

10. BoostYour Child’s Creativity

Once your child has mastered most of the tricks for playing the violin they become more creative. They try to think out of the box and find ways to create their own music. This can be a life changing experience for them and you’ll never know maybe someday somewhere he/she will get recognized and get a chance to perform at the big stage.


There are a number of reasons as to why you should encourage your child to play the violin but these ten should be conclusive. Some of the best violinists in the world started young and right now they stand as idols to others. Your child could also have that inner talent hidden within. Do not let it die out.
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