10 Swimming Pool Design Ideas to Get Yours Ready for Summer

 A successful pool design goes far beyond putting a water-filled hole in the ground. Here are some swimming pool design ideas to get you ready for summer.

 A well-designed swimming pool offers more than just a relief from the dog days of summer. With the right features included, swimming pool design brings the option of enjoyment year round.

The type of swimming pool you choose needs to complement the surrounding landscape for the best benefit. Check out our list of the top 10 swimming pool design ideas to help you get ready for summer. 

1. The Escape

Swimming pools covered with pergolas can offer much-needed cover from the elements during the warmer months. Pergola styles range, but the most common designs come in pressure treated pine.

This design option is a good add on where structural design changes to a swimming pool aren't possible. Hire a local contractor to build a custom designed pergola or purchase one ready-made for quick installation.

Depending on the size and shape of your swimming pool, the cover might extend over the entire pool or along one corner that can be used for temporary shade. Hanging fabric from your pergola brings color and the option for darkening the shade during mid-afternoon hours.

2. The Tropics

Bring a tropical theme to your swimming pool design with a palm tree-lined pool deck. Palm trees don't have to be native to your geographic area to adorn the landscape around your pool. 

Real and artificial palm trees are available to bring tropical color to your landscape. With artificial palms, be sure they're built for the outdoors. Use succulents as ground cover around the base of the palms for a modern look.

Brightly colored tropical flowers also provide a great accent. The key with a tropical themed swimming pool design is density. Fill the space with dense tropical foliage at different heights to bring the theme to life. 

3. The Garden

Topiaries, statues, and boxwood hedges can turn your swimming pool into the centerpiece of a beautiful English garden. Swimming pool design is always heightened by nearby ground cover.

Bring a lush mondo grass right up to the edge of your swimming pool for a unique look. Use stone steps to lead to a nearby patio space instead of paving the entire pool deck. 

4. The Contemporary Pool

If your existing swimming pool design consists of clean lines and geometric shapes, opt for a modern surrounding landscape. Think modern uplights, slate gravel and poured concrete to complete this pool design.

Bold colored poolside furniture brings this style to life. Think monochromatic, however. The goal isn't to represent the rainbow, but use repetition to make the color choice stand out.

Solid-colored oranges, reds and turquoise blues are always on trend for modern pool designs.

5. The Desert Oasis

Swimming pool designs come to life with an unexpected theme. A desert oasis in the backyard of an urban home is a refreshing design twist. Cactus plants, stone or pebble gravel, and squares of green space make up this theme.

Have fun with the placement of large boulders as seating along the poolside. Uniform, muted colored rocks give a natural feel as if they occurred naturally in the space. 

A landscape designer might be the best choice for installation to ensure safe placement. Adobe and modern home styles make this swimming pool design option stand out. 

6. The Waterpark

Family-friendly pools are safe and filled with the essentials for a summer birthday party. Installing colorful water slides is a must no matter the depth of your pool.
Consider a custom designed water slide, however, for a shallow pool or if you have younger children. Deck jets are a second fun option that provides a complement to most pool toys.

With new construction, plan for a single depth pool creates a safer environment where everyone can play without testing their limits. Colorful picnic tables beside an outdoor kitchen are the best choice for quick snacks in between play.

7. The Combo

A hot tub in a swimming pool doesn't have to make your backyard look like a Motel 6. Blend the hot tub and swimming pool design through bold textures like slate or colored concrete.

Another option might be designing the hot tub like an offset pond surrounded by stones and foliage while the larger pool includes larger stones and shrubs. Use a waterfall to provide a reliable link between the heights of the main pool and the hot tub.

8. The Mediterranean Fountain

There are few details that make a swimming pool design more beautiful than architectural lighting and running water. Add lighting accents to a Mediterranean themed round swimming pool complete with mosaic tiles and hanging gardens.

Think colored marble and clay pottery to complete the look. Mosaic patterned pool floors are also common with Mediterranean swimming pool design. 
9. The Waterfall

A swimming pool design is a luxury accent when it includes a major waterfall installation. The elegance of a waterfall only comes with its ability to blend with the existing landscaping surrounding the pool.

Modern landscaping calls for a metal or concrete based water fountain. In southwestern style homes, red clay boulders might provide the best base for your water fountain.

No matter what you choose, the goal is to make the waterfall appear as if it happened naturally. Think vertical when choosing your waterfall feature. A vertical waterfall can act as a pool divider or a majestic centerpiece for your backyard. 

10. The Swim-Up Bar

If you like to entertain, an outdoor bar cart may never be enough to keep the party going. A swim-up bar is a great choice for a large sized swimming pool with ample deck space. 

The pool bar should include a countertop that matches the surrounding pool deck for a seamless design. Installing an in-ground table into the shallow end of your pool provides a convenient place to put drinks.

Concrete bar stools, benches or a built-in ledge are all good choice for seating inside the pool. The roof on your bar needs ample overhang to create a refuge for swimmers. 

Swimming Pool Designs for Summer

Swimming pool design choices are plenty, but not all work well as add-ons. With new construction, design choices can be much more fluid offering the option for creativity without sacrificing function.

Start with a theme to keep yourself on task and on budget. No matter what you choose, if the style works for your family it's a design win. For more information and lifestyle tips, please visit our website


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