11 Makeover Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle This Spring

 It is during spring when you are motivated to have a total home makeover. Springtime marks the end of the winter season. Perhaps your house looks so dull after the end of winter, so you would like it to be more vibrant. Or, maybe you would just like to alter the appearance of your home. Here are 11 makeover tips to make your home sparkle this spring; 

 Use your creativity and innovativeness to upgrade your current accessories. For instance; you can replace the upholstery of your coaches with a new one. Upgrading your existing fixtures is a much better and, cheaper alternative to buying new accessories. When you renovate your current accessories, they will surely have a fresh look which is more attractive and, elegant.


If your walls look dull, then you should repaint them with the latest interior design colours and trends. As asserted by Country Living, repainting your home won’t cost you a lot of money – all you need to buy is just paint and, a few brushes. Furthermore, repainting is also a great way to have a family get-together. Just call upon all your family members to help you repaint your home and, organize a sumptuous meal which they will eat after completing the work. 

Increase the Storage Space of Your Kitchen 

Spring season is the best time for you to make your kitchen more spacious by increasing its storage space. Simply add more shelves, racks and, cabinets. When installing new shelves, you should choose open shelves in preference to the closed shelves. This is because open shelves typically have a larger storage area, and you can quickly retrieve items from them.  

Install New, Beadboard Ceiling

Springtime is when the prices of beadboard decline; and you can take advantage of this time to get new beadboard cheaply. Besides beadboard being a cheap alternative to traditional ceiling, it is durable and, attractive. The best way to install beadboard is to cut it per the footage of your house then, just fit it into the ceiling.

Don’t Throw Away the Winter Holiday Decor 

Of course, the Christmas season is always during winter. When it ends, most people just pack their Christmas trees in storage boxes and, keep it away till the next Christmas season. However, a Christmas tree is one of the best items which you can use to decorate your house. Just place that tree in one of your house's focal points, and decorate it all year round per the themes of each season.

Start a Home Gallery 

Stop hanging photos on your wall with no particular order. Creating a home gallery will revamp your home décor, and make your house to be more vibrant and, lovely. Each home gallery that you create should stick to a specific theme. For instance; you can have a home gallery with the theme of family, graduation, leisure parks, etc.

Install New Home Security Systems 

When you install a new home security system, you will make your home more secure. You can choose between a DIY and a professionally monitored home security system. Typically, a DIY security system is cheaper when compared to a professionally monitored security system. If you already own a home security system; you should monitor it frequently to find out whether it is working correctly.

Add a New Look to your Flooring 

According to Business Today, adding a new look to your flooring will totally increase the beauty of your home. You don’t have to install new flooring if you can’t afford it. Just buy new carpets from the local artisanal stores and, place them in the patched up areas of your floor. 

Take Your Rugs to a Professional Cleaning Service 
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If you have never taken your carpets to a professional cleaner, then take them during the spring season. When you take your carpets for professional cleaning, they will be free from dirt, dust, germs and, mold. They will also be refurbished and, have a new look.

Place Your Major Decorative Items Around the Focal Point of Your House

If you don't have a focal point in your house, then the spring season is the time to create one. A focal point is the most attractive area of your home; in which you should place your main decorative items. This way, you will have one complete center of attraction within your home.

Start Using Fragrances 

Utilizing fragrances is a great way to make your home livelier and, vibrant. There are many types of home fragrances in the market; so it is up to you to select one depending on your preferences. However, if one of your loved ones is allergic to fragrances or asthmatic; then don’t use them to avoid compromising their health. 


Spring is the season when you are most likely to be physically active. When you direct your energy towards implementing these tips, your house will be more beautiful and, elegant. 
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