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28 February 2019, Principality of Monaco.
Thursday, 12 September 2019

A lunch with Isabelle Rosabrunetto, Director General of Foreign Relations and Cooperation, informallysealed the accreditation of Dario Item asambassador for the state of Antigua and Barbuda in the Principality of Monaco.

The settinghasbeen the panoramicterrace of the starredrestaurantVistamar inside the Hotel Hermitage, one of the mostluxurious Belle-Époque buildings in the Principality, overlooking the port, classifiedas a historicmonument.

Over the years, greatnameshavelinkedthemselves to this building. One of themis Gustave Eiffel, the architectknown for the parisiantower, whodesignedthe majesticatrium and dome of the winter garden.
Along with Dario Item,ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda in Spain and Liechtenstein, three new ambassadorstook part in the lunch,accreditedaccording to the usual formula thatsees the new diplomaticleaderspresenttheirletters of credencedirectly to Prince Albert II of Monaco.
For the Kingdom of Bahrain, Muhammad Abdul Ghaffar; for the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, KemalMufti; and for the Republic of Panama, Fabrega Jose A. Roux.
Building and promoting relations within the states and the Principality of Monaco: thiswas the aim of the meeting between the fourdiplomats and the head of foreign relations in the elegantsetting of the Hermitage.
The 4 new ambassadors
Dario Item, a law and political science graduate, holds a master'sdegree in law (LL.M.) and a PhD in criminal law. He is the author of legalpublications and, since 2016, he hasbeen a diplomat for the state of Antigua and Barbuda.
Muhammad Abdul GhaffarhasbeenBahrain'sambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg, the UnitedStates, Canada and Argentina. He hasbeen a member of the diplomaticcorpssince 1975.
José A. Fabrega Roux hasbeen a director of the ExxonMobil company, between Europe, Australia and South America. In 2012 he wasappointedManagingDirector of Hopsa Group in Panama.
KemalMufticwas a journalist for the newspaper Oslobodjenje and a councillor to the President of the Federal Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2006 he hasbeen a member of theMinistry of Foreign Affairs.He representshis country in Iran, India and Denmark.
Dario Item at the accreditationceremony
The ceremony of granting the diplomatic visa tookplace inside the Royal Palace in the presence of King Albert II.
Dario Item, given the letters of credence in which the government of Antigua and Barbuda confershim the task of diplomatic agent, made his position official with a handshake to the monegasquesovereign. The ceremonycontinued inside the Royal Palace.
A brief conversation with His Serene Highness Albert II of Monaco ended the meeting. Eventually, the new Antigua and Barbuda ambassador in Monaco left the Royal Palace to return to the embassy and officially start his new assignment.
During the last eightmonths, the Principality of Monaco hasaccreditedambassadors from Kuwait, South Korea, Jamaica and Greece.
Currently, 141 countrieshavediplomatic relations with Monaco. Last butnotleast, Barbados.
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