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4 Common Commercial Cleaning Mistakes You Are Making
Tuesday, 11 December 2018

 Whether you are a seasoned or an upcoming commercial cleaning service provider, you will at one time or another make a mistake. Some of the mistakes you make will be too expensive in terms of reputation and reduction of profit margins. In this article, we will look at four commercial cleaning mistakes that you are most likely making.


 Assuming Everything Needs Cleaning

Often, the enthusiasm of proving to the customer that you perform trusted office cleaning and secure more jobs in future. So, you clean just about anything within the commercial property and do it so well that you are proud to present it to the client. 

However, you did not check with the client that there was some private locker you should not have touched or some junk you were not supposed to trash because your client was not done with yet. This mistake often happens because you did not ask enough questions and the client was not very generous with information or they simply forgot. So, it is your business to ask questions without being intrusive.

Same Products for Every Clients

So, you had a great cleaning experience with Client X and s/he loved the products you used for her linoleum floor. You assume that the Client Y (who also has a linoleum floor) will also love the product because in the end, it is how sparkling you leave the commercial space. This assumption is often a wrong one because some clients are keen on the kinds of products you use on their surfaces. 

For example, some clients would rather not have a sparkling commercial space if it means using inorganic cleaning products that are harmful to the environment. You need to perform due diligence and background checks about the values your clients stand for so that you do not cross their lines. Informing your clients about the kinds of products you intend to use to clean their surfaces before you use them is inevitable if you want to avoid this mistake.

Rescheduling Cleaning Appointments

Sure enough, there are times when your schedule will just make it impossible for you to handle all the cleaning appointments set for that day and you need to reschedule. Mostly, this happens because you either took too many cleaning jobs at once or you underestimated a previous job and it took longer than expected. Whenever you are called in for a job, always remember that it is alright to be unavailable for a cleaning job and negotiate for a less-strenuous date with your prospective client.

Same Cleaning Equipment for Every Job

You are probably using the same vacuum cleaner for all your vacuum cleaning task. What you might not know is that some equipment that suits a certain surface could harm another. For example, vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes easily tear away shag rugs even if they work fine on some other carpets. Just like there are different hammers and screwdrivers for different tasks, you need different commercial cleaning equipment for different tasks.
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